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Cichla dude
01-22-2010, 9:38 PM
One of my local fish stores, has some sort of catfish named speckled catfish. Its about 3-4'' and its brown with spots. Weriod looking spots. He said another name for them is salt and pepper catfish... does anyone know what this catfish can be??? I have no info... so I am debating on getting a few. If I do get one or two I'll post pics for ID.

01-22-2010, 9:39 PM
ur gunna need to deff. post pics...

Cichla dude
01-22-2010, 9:41 PM
If I get some tommrow I will!!

01-23-2010, 8:06 AM
Yep... Need pics.
Btw hows the pond going dude?

01-23-2010, 5:46 PM
i googled this:
that would mean it's a corydoras , but it maxes out at one inch, so that's not it.
and i found this on the speckled catfish:

and i quote:
One of my favorites is the Pintado or Speckled Catfish.
This is not your ordinary river cat. The Pintado, or pseudoplatystoma corruscans, is a real fighter and is known for putting up hour or more long fights.

Pintados get up to over 100 lbs and in the Pantanal it is normal to catch the 40-60 pounders.

Uhm, so now that's a whole different story then the lil' cory...
I wonder what the pics will tell us, you made me curious.

Cichla dude
01-24-2010, 7:34 AM
Its not any of those..

01-24-2010, 8:56 AM


Cichla dude
01-24-2010, 12:24 PM
Didn't get any yet, thinking of turning into the pbass wave with some 1.5-2'' ocell pbass.

01-24-2010, 12:55 PM
My LFS has something like that, too. The owner said they are channel cats. Neither he nor I are completely sure, though.

01-25-2010, 7:36 AM
Didn't get any yet, thinking of turning into the pbass wave with some 1.5-2'' ocell pbass.
thats cool with me,but can we still get some pics.:D

01-25-2010, 7:47 AM
You gotta be more specific. The body type... Pimelodus like? Ictalurus like? Doradid like? Bagrius, Bagrid, Pleco, Syno-like?

Yeah, pics might be needed here.

How's the pond project going?

01-26-2010, 11:57 PM
Zamora maybe?

Cichla dude
01-27-2010, 1:03 AM
It looks like that a little

06-07-2010, 3:19 PM
Did it look like this?

Cichla dude
06-10-2010, 6:43 PM
Did it look like this?

a little bit..