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The Subocular Spine

A blog dedicated to my passion for loaches. All entries are in my experience. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to PM me any suggestions for topics.

  1. Skinny disease in loaches....Alternative treatment?

    A theory on internal parasites in loaches.

    This post is an observation I have made while working at my LFS. We frequently utilize clown loaches to eliminate snails in our tanks, especially the planted tanks. These tanks are frequently loaded with Malaysian trumpet snails and other "undesirable" snail pests that come in with plant orders. We usually use the smallest loaches, and they are frequently skinny are suspect carriers of internal parasites. It's cheaper to use ...
  2. Monster water changes!

    Keeping your massive loach bioload under control.

    In my opinion, a shoal of loaches looks best in a high concentration. You want to see that shoaling behavior and to facilitate this you need to have a lot of fish. This also means you'll be dealing with the dreaded "O" word. No not that one. "OVERSTOCKING". Here's my unconventional way of dealing with massive feedings and a massive number of fish per gallon.

    The first key is dedication. If
  3. Why Clown Loaches?

    Having seen the recent burst in enthusiasm for keeping Clown Loaches and other species as well, I thought I would share some reasons for the passion we have for the orange and black. On a site dedicated to predatory fish, loaches may be overlooked as a great feature fish or a great complement to your aquarium. Here are some reasons to consider loaches for your aquarium:

    1. COLOR! Clown Loaches can add some spice to your tank. A properly fed and healthy loach looks great, has

    This week I would like to highlight some articles I have found informative. These come from various places. I have no idea on the credibility of any information posted, but I can say that usually when someone takes the time to research, you can pick out multiple things that seem to mesh. They are all good reads and good info. If you have one that you would like to add, post it and I will add it to the blog. ...
  5. Spot Loach Photo Contest

    If you have spot loaches, now is the time to show them. This is a photography contest. Objective is to post a photo of your clown loaches with visibles spots. Members will vote on the picture based on photo quality and fish quality.

    Disclaimer: MFK does not support, endorse or sponsor this contest. Basically there are no rules, and you are guaranteed nothing.

    The prize will be provided by me. The entry receiving the most votes will receive a loach print, probably. ...
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