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The Chaos of an Aquatic Life

From monitoring tanks at home, to diving in tanks at work, this is all about the daily drama, stress, mis-haps, bloopers, lessons, and joys as well as tragedies that are ever-present in a Life-Aquatic. From travels abroad, to exotics in my own backyard, this blog will be a journal of sorts, to unload my mind, share enchanting, and sometimes terrifying, and more often hilarious details into my world, and the price you sometimes pay, when you step away from the normal 9-5, and jump into my world.

  1. Adventures At The Zoo: Part 3

    PART 3:
    Now don't get me wrong, most reptiles are as cool as any other animal, but there are some that I would be perfectly happy not interacting with as long as I live.

    I started the morning early, in the pouring rain. I made my way to the Reptile House, which as luck would have it, was literally on the other side of the zoo. Once inside, I was soaked, but I guess on the flip side, with as many heat lamps as there is in there, it was pretty warm. I met up with Bill, who is the ...
  2. Adventures At The Zoo: Part 2

    PART 2:
    Now the real Emi is shining through. Has anyone seen the movie "Good Luck Chuck" ?? You need to, in order to appreciate the Bloopers I am about to disclose, and the fact that my nick name is Murphy.....

    So, I came in, and met up with Lacy who is the Lead Carnivore Keeper. So first I started with the Anteater, mixed the carnivore biscuits, the supplements, and two oranges I cut up into the blender. After it was thoroughly liquefied, I took it off the blender ...
  3. Adventures At The Zoo: Part 1

    PART 1:
    Now I am used to sportin the khakis and all, but slipping on knee-high huge rubber boots, and a Sac Zoo shirt was definitely something new. It takes a little getting used to clomping around in those things. No biggie though, just had to flop around a few times in my front yard before I got the "walk" down. LOL
    So I got to the zoo, went into my new boss' office and handed her my shot record - containing about 12 new stamps on them!
    Then I was being led to the main ...
  4. Ocean's Advocate

    The beginning is always the hardest.
    I was once told that if all you ever had was your voice, then to make sure you spoke with conviction, screamed for truth and justice, and raised enough eyebrows to where others would lend their voices in your campaign.
    Starting a non-profit organization is not something you wake up one morning and think "Hmm that sounds like fun, let's do it!" Rather, it's something that you see far ahead, before it's ever attainable, something that you ...