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  1. Pool tank conversion help?

    Hello, I currently have a 110 ten gallon and a beautiful 24" rtc who is about 8 months young, which I knew prior that he would need a larger home, due to my budget at the moment I cannot afford a big tank or nice pond that I wanted to do for him. So I am thinking of doing some sort of pool with filter and heater outdoors, any sort of help or ideas would be very much appreciated! I am really attached to this fish so will do anything to get him in a bigger home in my yard just need some advice ...
  2. New Home, New Tanks

  3. looking to buy a 1-5' azul or kelberi pb

    been looking to buy a 1-5' kelberi or azul for a while now, i live in oregon and willing to pay for shipping costs, but not looking to pay out the butt for a fish, thank you for your help
  4. Looking for baby azul

    Looking for baby azul to join my tem and mono, been searching for a while but cant find any under 250$ and under4-6 in, please help!!!!
    feel free to text me if you have any for sale
  5. Electric blue Ram x Gold Ram

    Today I was pleasantly surprised to find that my pair had an actual successful spawn. I was just feeding my bsn some algae wafers and then I saw what looked like debri moving away from my little cave in the tank. But there was a few of them and they all looked the same. Upon closer observation, I realized I had a successful spawn.

    I've had one pair of german blues before but their eggs always spoiled.

    I'm going to get water conditions soon. I'm excited! I'll ...
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