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i need help my 120 stand just split literally lucky i was able to make a make-shfit stand not sure how along it will last i am may have to put the fish in a bucket
if anyone in the Orlando area has one there not using or know someone in that area that has one the don't need
plz let me know i how some cash not much but also have tons of stuff to trade

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  1. 321jacobm's Avatar
    i say just use the floor on the mean time. theres nothing wrong with that.
  2. trog84's Avatar
    I agree. This happened to me with an even larger tank. I was very fortunate to catch the issue before the cabinet folded over. I was in college at the time and a tank stand was not within the immediate budget. Just set the tank up on the floor (which makes no difference to the fish assumning you have no other dogs/cats etc that would harrass them). Search online or locally for a stand. 120g is easy to come across at a reasonable price. Good luck, but I would not leave the tank set up on an unstable stand any longer though.