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    January 2012: Trivia for free fish is alive again!

    Discussion in 'TUIC Monthly Trivia Section' started by bigguapote, Jan 24, 2012.

    1. bigguapote

      bigguapote M.A.N. Community Vendor

      Jul 8, 2005
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      May 1, 2015
      It's about time!

      Li was kind enough to make this sub forum at my request for exclusive MFK trivia contests where I give out free fish to winners.
      I really never forgot about this and actually enjoyed the times we played it. I must have written down dozens of ideas and concepts over the past couple years, but none ever saw the light of day or MFK pages.

      A winner would be the person who can correctly answer the most trivial questions as they appear below in the shortest time. For example, if someone sends their answers at 1 pm Thursday and another at 9 am Friday; each person answering the same number of questions correctly, the earlier submission is declared winner because it came in before the other know it all's answers were received.

      As noted in previous contests, to post your answers directly on this thread would give other readers and contestants hints or answers that they may not have known prior to someone's posting their 2 cents.
      In order to maintain equanimity among the participants, I ask that you please either email me directly at bigguapote1@verizon.net or forward your answers to me via a pm at this site.
      As I mentioned above, timing counts. The deadline for entries is Friday the 27th @ 3 AM EST (that's midnight on Friday for all of you left coasters!)
      Winner gets $50.00 in free TUIC fish to include on an order shipped this calender year of 2012.
      I will post at least the top three contestants responses - maybe more if they are somewhat close.

      ps-if you have a question regarding the above rules or if I've confused you in some way, please don't hesitate to ask on this thread, via email, or pm.

      Without further ado, let's see what you've got.

      In no particular order the first topic is American built motorcycles.

      question 1
      Can you identify the make of each of the following 12 cycles?
      This is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of USA built bikes. It should be quite challenging to most of us, while a small % of MFK readers may think this is easy. That's the fun of these contests.

      bike 1
      blue orange.jpg

      bike 2
      red black.jpg

      bike 3

      bike 4
      black red.jpg

      bike 5
      big orange.jpg

      bike 6

      bike 7
      red orange.jpg

      bike 8

      bike 9
      red white.jpg

      bike 10

      bike 11

      bike 12

      question 2
      What year and model is this automobile?


      question 3
      What is that on the woman's lap and what distinction does it hold in the animal word?


      question 4
      For what team in which sport during which year did the below athletes play together?
      Trivial hint that ought to be of no help whatsoever: a McDonalds quarter pounder cost .95 cents at this time :)

      Ed Figueroa, Goose Gossage, Ron Guidry, Catfish Hunter, Sparkly Lyle, Thurman Munson, Bucky Dent, Graig Nettles, Willie Randolph, Reggie Jackson, Lou Piniella, Micky Rivers

      two extra credits: In the year previous to the above partial roster listing, one player listed was not on the team. In the year following the above partial roster listing, a different individual listed above was not on the team.
      Any idea who's missing during these years?

      question 5
      The below quotes are from what book written by whom in what year?

      "And whoever does not want to die of thirst among men must learn to drink out of all cups; and whoever would stay clean among men must know how to wash even with dirty water. And thus I often comforted myself, "Well then, old heart! One misfortune failed you; enjoy this as your good fortune."

      "It is no small art to sleep: for that purpose you must keep awake all day."

      question 6
      Just how long does the average 18 wheeler's trailer measure (to the nearest centimeter please!)?

      question 7
      Who was the master of the stratocaster? What are the dates of his birth and death?

      question 8
      What are the names of these birds and what do they each have in common with each other (aside from feathers - thank you very much)?

      bird 1

      bird 2

      bird 3

      bird 4

      question 9
      I suppose that since we are on a fish forum, there ought to be a fish question of some type.
      I just took these photos last week.
      What species of earth eaters do we have here?

      fish 1

      fish 2

      fish 3

      Talk about random trivia...
      Good luck everyone!
    2. bigguapote

      bigguapote M.A.N. Community Vendor

      Jul 8, 2005
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      May 1, 2015
      It's no surprise to find that there are always some very clever MFK members out there!
      Awesome job to two players in particular - Oddball and Bao.

      I've never had to actually break down the questions to representative points per question in one of these trivial pursuits of the free fish.
      Took me back to the days when earning Master's degree in aquatic biology where I assisted in undergraduate classes with labs, exams, etc.

      I will post answers below from the two players mentioned above because they were both that outstanding.

      Bao's replies in turquoise
      *sent from his phone no less! There should be extra credit for that!

      Oddball's replies in green

      and the answers as I know them to be - based on my research - in red

      1. Bike 1 is a hardly davidson
      Bike 2 custom made Bobber bike
      Bike 3 victory
      Bike 4 victory
      Bike 5 boss hoss
      Bike 6 indian
      Bike 7 victory
      Bike 8 1931 Henderson JK
      Bike 9 indian
      Bike 10 motoczysz
      Bike 11 victory
      Bike 12 06 iron horse chopper

      Not really up on US built bikes. But, I saw #9 at a show. It's a 1940 Big Tank Crocker.

      1 - Sucker Punch Sally
      2 - Saxon
      3 - Victory
      4 - Harley Davidson
      5 - Boss Hoss
      6 - Indian
      7 - Big Dog
      8 - Excelsior & Henderson
      9 - Crocker
      10 - Motoczysz
      11 - Titan
      12 - American Iron Horse

      2. The car is a 1976 Volkswagen type 181

      2. 1973 VW Thing

      2 - '74 VW Thing - also known as 'Trekker' in UK, universally known as VW type 181 (nice work Bao)

      3. The animal is a Capybara. It's the largest rodent in the world.

      3. Capybara. Worlds largest rodent species.

      3- yep, capybara. My wife saw me at my desk viewing a screen of capy images last week. She already knows I'm nuts, so with no inflection in her voice, she asked why I'm looking at capybara. She knew the animal in a glance, because as she informed me, they are kept in pens in her native home of Brazil - just as we keep hogs here in the temperate climates.
      Hard to imagine a 100 lb pet 'guinea pig'!

      4. New York Yankees-Baseball played in 1978. Previous year 1977 Guidry was missing. In year 1979 Lyle was missing.

      4. ’78 Yankees

      4 - yes, '78 Yankees. My personal favorite team way back when... Guidry was on team in '77, but the Goose was not. Correct, Sparky was no longer with Yanks in '79.
      side note: Thurman Munson was their catcher for 11 years. The first team captain since Lou Gerig. The only Yank to win Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player. Thurman was killed while landing a Cessna in August of '79.
      What a tragedy!

      5. "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" 1891 by Friedrich Nietzsche

      5. "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Friedrich Nietzche.

      5 - yep. That's the guy and that's the book. What a read. Impossible to breeze through that one. And no way one read over can be sufficient to take it all in.
      This was published in four parts between 1883-85.

      6. Avg 1572 cm

      6. 1,615 cm

      6 - 53' long converts to 1615 cm - that's correct Oddball!
      How many of you have noticed that every tractor trailer on the road has this 53' length printed on side? We see this information when driving on the highway so frequently, yet it's just one of those millions of things that we're not consciously aware we know.

      7. Arlen Roth born 1952- still alive.

      7. Jimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970)

      7 - yeah man. James Marshall Hendrix.
      Arlen is a great guitar player. He recorded a cd 'Masters of the Stratocaster' on which he featured songs of other guitar greats - including Hendrix. Easy mistake to make if you aren't familiar with psychedelic blues rock, the hippie era of music, or just plain old and in the way as some of us may be considered!


      8. First bird is GREAT AUK
      The second one is a dodo bird
      The third bird is passenger pigeon
      The fourth bird is a giant moa
      They are all extinct

      8-1. Great Auk (Pinguinnus impennis)
      8-2. Dodo (Raphus cucullatus)
      8-3. Passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius)
      8-4. Moa (Dinornis sp.). Extinct flightless bird species of New Zealand.
      8-Unfortunately, ...all extinct.

      8 - hey Oddball included latin names too! How tragic these four birds (and many others not so widely known) became extinct at the hands of man in recent times.
      Can't see an image of the dodo and not think of the movie 'Ice Age'...

      9. Fish number one is Geophagus altifrons
      Fish number 2 is Geophagus dicrozoster
      Fish number 3 is Geophagus brasiliensis

      9 - Geophagus camopiensis from French Guiana and Brazil
      G. parnaibae from Rio Parnaiba, Brazil
      G. dicrozoster from Rio Orinoco and tribuataries in Colombia and Venezuela

      So after applying point values to above questions, the winner, by only a small margin, is Oddball!
      Bao was so darned close (and he submitted his answers via a phone - don't forget!) that he's getting a TUIC T shirt for his great efforts. Oddball can have one too!

      Thanks again to everyone who participated or took the time to view the thread.
      I'd like to try and offer these contests on a monthly basis again because they are entertaining. If I miss posting one for a month, please don't hesitate to email with gentle shove in this direction.
    3. baowie

      baowie MFK Members

      Oct 2, 2011
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      Jan 18, 2015
      Thanks jeff, I had a blast doing this, i had a hard time figuring out those earth eater so i took a guess. I will be ordering from you again once i move into my new house and get my new 300 gallon tank running. hope you can get some smaller size azul pbass in.
    4. ryansmith83

      ryansmith83 MFK Members

      May 2, 2008
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      Last Seen:
      46 minutes ago
      Great job, guys. I was actually lucky enough to get a small group of F1 G. parnaibae from Jeff back in 2008 or 2009 and have passed some F2 fry around. I knew that one instantly, along with the capybara one. Everything else was a mystery to me. lol
    5. dogofwar

      dogofwar MFK Members

      Jan 3, 2006
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      Last Seen:
      May 20, 2015
      I'm one of the parnaibae beneficiaries - they're doing great, Ryan!


    6. southamerican1cichlid

      southamerican1cichlid MFK Members

      Nov 3, 2009
      Likes Received:
      Trophy Points:
      Tampa, FL
      Last Seen:
      Mar 2, 2015
      I know this is off thread, but do you still have any G. parnaibae?
    7. fishe

      fishe MFK Members

      Feb 4, 2012
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      Trophy Points:
      Last Seen:
      Nov 29, 2013
      Ugh... I knew most of these but i guess there already answered

      Sent from my iPad using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
    8. kevinfleming21

      kevinfleming21 Jurassic Aquatics

      Jun 8, 2010
      Likes Received:
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      Mod Squad
      Chandler, AZ
      Last Seen:
      Jul 29, 2014
      ^&*(#$%%^^& I guess you should read down before just emailing haha, sorry Jeff....
    9. bigguapote

      bigguapote M.A.N. Community Vendor

      Jul 8, 2005
      Likes Received:
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      Last Seen:
      May 1, 2015
      Please visit this section now and again. I intend to keep this monthly little competition active!
      I will post a heads up thread in my regular vendor section to alert viewers of each new monthly game.
      Nothing to lose by playing. Only a chance to win free fish and have a little free fun.
      Thanks for viewing.
    10. bigguapote

      bigguapote M.A.N. Community Vendor

      Jul 8, 2005
      Likes Received:
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      Last Seen:
      May 1, 2015
      My breeders aren't cooperating. Maybe Ryan can help out there.

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