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    xl red sevs, xl balzani, xl rt mots, lg alb. pacu, mekong ray feeding pics, etc.3/12

    Discussion in 'Tangled Up In Cichlids' started by bigguapote, Mar 15, 2012.

    1. bigguapote

      bigguapote M.A.N. Community Vendor

      Jul 8, 2005
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      Sometimes I feel as though I must apologize for not sharing enough photos of fish that come and go from my facility.
      Being a 'one man band' or sole proprietor has is limitations. With so many fish coming and going on a weekly basis, there are many weeks when I cannot possibly make time to adequately tend to all specific needs/requirements of each species, communicate/market them to customers, AND do the photographic/posting portion. The aforementioned aspects of my business always come first, while there are often not enough hours in a day for the latter.

      I do keep the stock list at my old fashioned web page http://www.tangledupincichlids.com updated so don't ever hesitate to visit there now and again to see what's cooking.
      I know many of you do and I am forever thankful to each of you. I continue to ship orders daily to individuals and well as wholesale distributors to all destinations within the US. Additionally, I continue to export to many international distributors regularly.

      I am not a prolific photographer and frankly, I don't tend to get overly excited about photographing fish stock. I know it's often a necessary marketing tool and I try to grab photos after the above mentioned details are handled to my satisfaction. After several days and nights of mini photo taking sessions/photo processing, I do have some new photos to share with viewers!
      Hope you like them and can appreciate or learn something by seeing some fish 'in the scale (flesh)' versus a brief description on my stock list. But more importantly, I hope these help you to envision a small % of my overall stock and aid in your decision making process when ordering as well.

      As usual, please do visit the stock list for additional inventory. This only represents a fraction of what I stock at any given time.

      This was kind of fun, so I'll start the photo portion of this thread with a Mekong ray feeding sequence. She is a hoot to say the least! And yes, she is available for purchase.

      mekong ray2.jpg

      mekong ray3.jpg

      mekong ray4.jpg

      mekong ray5.jpg

      See-I can feel and smell like a dolphin trainer too?!


      Occasionally the fish do cooperate and a photo can be rewarding to view. I still think this is an exception and that I completely lack the patience and skills to do the photography thing well.
      Amazing albino pacu of 6-7" size @ 150 each.



      That's a lot of color to take in, but these 'super red severums' really do offer huge amounts of color to an aquarium with very manageable size and peaceful demeanor to boot.
      The 3.5-4" size are 50 each or 4 @ 45 each. The jumbo 6-7" adults are 125 each.



      So if you are a fan of that nuchal hump thing, here are jumbo male balzani of 5-6" size @ 75 each




      Last time I imported jumbo red tiger motaguense was... never!
      There are 7-7.5" males @ 100 and 8-10" males @ 125 each - while supplies last of course. I've been busy shipping these beasts out daily. You see, just because I hadn't posted a photo until now, that certainly doesn't mean the fish don't exist! Thanks again to all customers who have already purchased these big boys prior to my getting pictures out here.

      View attachment 758101

      Attractively marked and still young/immature pattern on 'Pom pom knife fish' of 5-6" @ 65 each


      'African pike' of 5-5.5" @ 65 each. These guys are nailing anything meaty I throw at them - freeze dried krill, frozen foods... Very cool.
      Even got bit by one while in a bucket. Toothy little bastards indeed.


      From Peru, these Ps. genibarbus are 4-5" @ 50 each


      Just a fun quick shot of a breeder male I have. This fish was exclusively imported and first bred/distributed by TUIC.


      The 'Nile perch' - an introduced species to African rift lakes where it's wrecked havoc among some native species not adapted to reproduce effectively with such an efficient predator amidst.
      These little guys (for now) are 4-4.5" @ 125 each


      At 4-4.5" size/50 each, these 'phenos' are already quite the phenomenon! A gorgeous Malawi cichlid that firmly deserves a place among md-lg specimen community tanks.


      Not many large growing American cichlids boast such color at the tender size of 1.5-2"/25 each. The rarely collected and seldom bred 'micro' just keep getting better as they mature.
      On a sidenote, I was among the collectors of this juvenile's parents in the Rio Copan several years ago. Who knows which of us netted the specific babies that grew to become breeding adults of now, but it's an interesting and rewarding facet of this hobby to have been in the waters where some of the species we keep originated. By the way, the 'mom' of the babies we collected was about a foot long. We got a great look at her when she spooked in a channel we'd hearded her and the fry into. She leapt clear out of the channel at our shoulder height and over one or two of us gringos with nets surrounding the fry. Parental instinct to protect fry is strong, but self preservation persevered in that circumstance.


      V. melanurus 'Peten' 2.5-3" @ 15




      V. melanurus 'Yaxha' 2-2.5" @ 12.50


      An interesting comparison between two populations of V. melanurus at the juvenile and adult size.
      Juveniles of both are currently available. The Yaxha juveniles are exceptionally blue splangled.


      Pictus sailfin cats are certainly one of the most distinguishable of the large growing 'show cats'.
      This handsome individual is 9-10" @ 150


      Great sized GATF of 4-5" @ 135 each. All eating frozen foods-no live feeders required.



      Always a very sharp looking fish that viewers of your home aquarium cannot help but comment upon. A large 'tricolor' or 'bala shark' is sure to please the collector of even the rarest species.
      I have 6" @ 35 and 8" @ 50 each.


      This is the 'red tail tinfoil barb' as opposed to the common 'red fin tinfoil barb', B. schwanenfeldi. The red tail altus grow to only 8" TL, whereas common red fin tinfoils can reach huge proportions of 15-16" TL.
      These seldom properly identified altus barbs are 4-5" @ 25 each or 3 @ 22 each.


      Only occasionally imported Chinese 'phoenix barbs' are another large growing and very showy species that will add color, activity/movement, and interest to larger fish communities.
      These fish are 4-4.5" @ 50 each.


      Here is a single large adult breeder male of 8" diameter @ 290. This big boy has been in great care for many months and is in optimal health.


      Another one of those fish that both the first time viewer and the rare species seeking collectors still can stop to admire. The 'gold suam' or 'Ecuador green terror' continue to remain a truly stand out cichlid.
      These beauties are 5-6" @ 40 each.



      Here in my tanks I have a pair of these very rare Chinese cyprinids of 7-8" size @ 350 pr. Wes has posted better representative photos than mine of this same species.



      Gobies have character! Eyes atop their heads and modified swim bladders to enable them to remain down among the substrate in flowing/turbulent water; the result of which is seen by 'hopping about' the aquarium. Each aspect of their morphology = endearing species to maintain in our tanks.
      Pictured above is a smaller growing and brilliantly red spotted Taiwanese goby of 1.5" size @ 15 each.



      Speaking of endearing (well, to some of us anyway), the juvenile wild Peru oscars may be a perfect example of an ultimate 'pet fish'.
      These little oscars are 1.5-2" @ 10 each or 6 at 8.50 each.
      Below are adult photos of this same race for reference.



      And I'll leave this post with a photo of my 'vat monster'. 'Wally' is a pet Wallago leeri of approximately 30" living in the vat/sump of one of my 2500 gal circulating sytems. He/she will eat 12" fish from my hand with the tenderness of a well trained dog.



      Don’t miss the expanded inventory located at the bottom of this list featuring many rare non-cichlid oddball species!!



      Amatitlania siquia "Rio Cabayo Nicoya Peninsula" 1.25-1.5” 7.50 new convict to the trade from NW Costa Rica-ylw to red color w/ bars!

      “ sp. Honduran red point ‘platinum’ 3-3.5” 15.00 strikingly attractive morph of exciting semi-dwarf ‘Honduran red point’

      Amphilophus citrinellus 1.5” 6.50 juveniles of bright red/orange, stocky bodied Nicaraguan adults

      “ “ 2-2.5” 10.00 next size up on chunky grow ‘midas cichlids’

      “ “ 7-8” 65.00 cream sickle (red/orange & white)-very striking adult female midas

      “ labiatus 1.5” 6.50 juvenile true ‘red devils’ from my colorful Lago Nicaragua imports

      “ “ 2-2.5” 10.00 next size up on real Nicaraguan ‘red devil’

      “ sagittae – colored 1.25-1.5” 7.50 juveniles from super pair of F1 wht/org/blue fem and red/org male

      “ “ “ 7-7.5” 30.00 or 3 @ 25.00 exclusively imported by TUIC! F1 open water predatory Lago Apoyo sp.

      “ “ “ 8-9” 35.00 jumbo F1 adults w/ gorgeous wht, ylw, orange colors – very impressive!

      “ trimaculatus 1.5” 7.50 juves. of beefy and highly colorful real ‘trimacs’

      “ xiloaensis 5-5.5” 25.00 or 3 @ 20.00 exclusively imported by TUIC! F1 wht/ylw/orng Lago Apoyo sp.

      “ “ 6-6.5” 30.00 or 3 @ 25.00 adult F1 xilos of various colors – very impressive, not at all shy!

      “ sp. ‘red Isletas’ 4-4.5” 18.00 exclusively imported by TUIC! F1 juves. of barred red head species

      “ “ 5-5.5” 25.00 young adult F1s available with nuchal humps forming already

      “ “ 6-6.5” 35.00 chunky adult F1 males with very impressive profile

      “ “ 7-7.5” 50.00 limited F1 lg adult males – very showy fish

      Archocentrus centrarchus 3-3.5” 15.00 or 4 @ 12.00 lg juv/young adolescent Lago Nicaragua ‘flier cichlid’-very striking, less aggressive

      “ “ 4-4.5” 20.00 great sized adolescents displaying turquoise color

      “ multispinosa 1.5-2” 7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 Nicaraguan ‘rainbow cichlids’-md growing, non-aggressive, colorful favorites

      Chuco micropthalmus 1.5” 25.00 rare! F1 Rio Copan-remarkable glowing turq. spangles over red/gold body

      ‘Cichlasoma’ uropthalmus 1.5” 5.50 or 4 @ 5.00 juvenile ‘Mayan cichlid’ or ‘Mexican red terror’

      Cryptoheros cutteri 1.5-2” 7.50 colorful blue/gold, md growing, spunky ‘cutteri’

      Herichthys carpintis ‘Escondido 1” 7.50 juveniles of highly requested real ‘Escondido’ race

      Nandopsis tetracanthus 1.25-1.5” 7.50 juvenile ‘Cuban cichlids’-very showy blk/white mosaic pattern as adult

      Neetroplus nematopus 3-3.5” 18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 exclusively imported by TUIC! F1 feisty little Lago Nicaragua ‘neets’

      “ “ 4-4.5” 25.00 beefy F1 adults of the mighty ‘neet’!

      Parachromis managuensis 1” 5.50 juveniles of ‘jaguar cichlid’ from nicely blue colored race

      “ motaguensis ‘red tiger’ 7-7.5” 100.00 awesome large adult males of super colored ‘Rio Copan’ race
      “ “ “ 8-10” 125.00 jumbo males – extremely impressive w/ massive heads & big teeth!

      Paratheraps bifasciatus 3-3.5” 18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 F1 Rio Chacamax-gorgeous red spotted race w/ lots of yellow over body

      “ breidohri .75-1” 7.50 juveniles of incredibly beautiful, rarely offered/highly requested gem

      “ zonatus 4-4.5” 18.00 young adolescents already w/ blue face and sides

      “ “ 5-5.5” 25.00 young adults with super blue and yellow color

      Petenia splendida ‘red’ 3.5-4” 15.00 ‘orange/red bay snook’- non aggressive, super show fish

      Thorichthys affinis 1.25-1.5” 7.50 F1 Lago Peten juves-orange underside, iridescent blue spangled sides

      Vieja argentea 2-2.5” 12.50 highly requested, very showy at maturity-pearl body w/ blk freckles, tall profile

      “ “ 5-6” 75.00 young adults - very impressive and rarely offered at this large size

      “ melanurus ‘Lago Peten’ 2.5-3” 15.00 F1 Lago Peten-stunningly colored race of pink, blue, & ylw

      “ melanurus ‘Lago Yaxha’ 2-2.5” 12.50 rich ylw/orange colored race w/ attractive blue color

      “ synspilus 1.5” 7.50 juveniles from brilliantly deep red colored pair

      “ “ 2-2.5” 12.50 next size up on chunky grow outs with color

      “ “ 5-6” 40.00 highly colorful ‘red head’ adults on hand!


      Acaronia nassa 3.5-4” 15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 big eyes, big mouth, not big attitude-very cool wild ‘Peru basketmouth’

      Aequidens diadema 1.5-2” 10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 wild Peru ‘red acara’ – gets large and highly colorful

      Andinoacara aequinoctialis 5-6” 40.00 adult Ecuador ‘green terror’ or ‘gold suam’ w/ brilliant red trimmed fins

      “ stalsbergi 1.5” 15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 F1 juves. of incredible and rarely offered white seam ‘Peru green terror’

      “ “ 2-2.5” 20.00 next size up on chunky F1 juveniles with color

      Astronotus ocellatus 1.5-2” 10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 attractively colored/patterned wild Peru oscars

      Biotodoma cupido 1.25-1.5” 7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 attractively pastel colored earth eaters

      Caquetaia kraussi 3.5-4” 25.00 great sized F1 grow outs w/ green body, orange eyes/belly

      “ myersi 4-5” 35.00 uniquely attractive wild piscivore w/ red eyes & gold body

      “ umbriferus 1.5” 7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 F1 juveniles of the awesome Rio Magdalena ‘blue freckled monster’

      “ “ 2-2.5” 12.50 or 4 @ 10.00 chunky F1 juveniles already displaying blue freckles

      “ “ 3-3.5” 20.00 great sized and colorful F1 Rio Magdalena grow outs

      Cichla piquiti ‘azul’ 6-7” 250.00 or 4 @ 215.00 (net) wild ‘azul bass’ of legendary fishing hot spot-Furnace Lake, Minas Gerais

      “ “ “ 8-8.5” 275.00 largest size available of very beefy, pellet pounding ‘azuls’!

      Cleithracara maronii 1.5” 7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ‘keyhole cichlids’- an enduring favorite among hobbyists for generations!

      Crenicichla cincta 8-9” 150.00 very colorful and lg growing Peru ‘green cincta pikes’

      “ lucius 4-5” 15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 wild Peru pikes w/ iridescent gold/grn sides, ornate red fins

      “ reticulata 5-6” 125.00 pr unusually shaped and seldom imported-one pair available

      “ “ 5-6” 65.00 one additional male of ‘frog faced’ Peru pike available

      Geophagus brasiliensis 3-3.5” 15.00 chunky & highly colorful, a robust & very showy earth eater

      “ sp. ‘red head Tapajos’ 1.5” 7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 F1 juveniles of the highly requested and beautiful ‘red head’

      Gymnogeophagus balzani 5-6” 75.00 jumbo males of most beautiful Rio Uruguay race-stunning color and profile!

      Heros sp. ‘rotkeil’ 1.5-2” 7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 juvenile ‘rotkeil’ or ‘red head severum’ – stunning fish when mature

      “ sp. ‘super red’ 3.5-4” 50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 the incredible ‘super red severum’-glowing red and peaceful temperament

      “ “ 6-7” 125.00 jumbo ‘super reds’!! Absolutely stunning at very rarely seen adult size!

      Hoplarchus psittacus 6-7” 85.00 young adult ‘true parrot cichlids’ of super size and color! Incredible show fish

      Hypselecara temporalis 2-2.5” 10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 wild Peru ‘purple chocolate cichlids’

      Laetacara dorsigera 1.5-2” 8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ‘red breasted acara’ - attractive and peaceful dwarf species

      “ thayeri 3-4” 15.00 wild Peru ‘smiling acara’-md growing-bright ylw facial stripes, gold/grn body

      Satanoperca jurupari ‘Ucayali’ 1.25-1.5” 7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 wild jurupari of super gold colored, orange lipped Peruvian race


      Etroplus suratensis 3-3.5” 18.00 F1 ‘green chromides’- lg growing/mellow, dark grn. banded w/ bright spangles

      Oreochromis niloticus 3-3.5” 10.00 ‘blue’ or ‘Nile Tilapia’-impressive as adult-boldly barred, red throat/tail

      Paratilapia ‘small spot polleni’ 2.5-3” 15.00 gorgeous Madagascar sp.-velvet blk body w/ gold & turq. spots as adult

      Placidochromis phenochilus 4-4.5” 50.00 brilliant bright blue Malawi show species beginning to display gold flecks!


      Atractosteus tropicus 8-10” 275.00 highly sought after Mexican ‘tropical gar’ – very limited qty available!

      Balantiocheilus melanopterus 6” 35.00 large sized ‘tricolor’ or ‘bala shark’ with very chunky body

      “ “ 8” 50.00 extra large sized, even more robust shaped ‘tricolor’ or ‘bala shark’

      Barbonymus altus 4-5” 25.00 or 3 @ 22.00 real ‘red tail tinfoil barbs’-all the bling of common tinfoil in 1/2 the size (max 8”)

      Chitala ornate ‘albino’ 4-5” 85.00 or 3 @ 75.00 true albino ‘clown knife’-ghostly ‘Casper cool’ w/ red eyes

      Datnioides undecimradiatus 3.5” 65.00 boldly marked ‘thin bar dats’ of chunky md size

      Epinephelus lanceolata 5-6” 150.00 incredible ‘bumble bee’ or ‘Queensland grouper’ in brackish water

      Erythrinus erythrinus 3.5-4.5” 28.00 ‘hifin red wolfish’ or ‘red shuyo’

      Hampala dispar 5-6” 35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 very sharp ‘large fish community’ species w/ purplish body and red fins

      Hepsetus odoe 5-5.5” 65.00 limited qty of seldom imported ‘African pike’-very sharp fish!

      Himantura chaophraya 18” 2000.00 ‘net price’ true collector specimen-awesome ‘giant Mekong ray’-very rare import indeed!

      Hydrocynus goliath 4-5” 135.00 GATF or ‘goliath tigers’ of great size now on hand!

      Lates niloticus 4-4.5” 125.00 real ‘Nile perch’ – very cool in juvenile marbled pattern!

      Myloplus rubripinnis 1.5-2” 15.00 juvenile Peru ‘red hooks’ in limited quantity only

      “ “ 3-4” 25.00 Colombian ‘red hook silver dollars’-great addition of color and activity to lg community

      Osphronemus goramy 4-5” 20.00 huge growing & impressive ‘giant goramy’-awesome show fish w/ red trim fins

      Osteoglossum bicirrhosum 5” 45.00 ‘silver arowana’-always striking show fish, fully pellet trained

      Papyrocranus afer 5-6” 65.00 seldom imported, ornately spotted ‘pom pom knives’

      Piaractus brachypomus ‘albino’ 6-7” 150.00 true albino ‘red pacu’! Very striking & attractive - 1st time US import!

      Polypterus ansorgii 9-10” 75.00 very sharp, boldly banded ‘bichir’ with ornate fins and rich color

      “ palmas ‘Buettikoferi’ 8-10” 75.00 attractive diagonal checker-like pattern, great sized unusual ‘bichir’

      Potamotrygon hystrix 8” 290.00 fully mature, jumbo adult male of Brazilian Rio Negro hystrix ray

      “ motoro ‘orange flower’ 17-18” 450.00 jumbo wild Peru male w/ one of kind huge ‘orange flowers pattern’!

      Pristolepis fasciata 4-5” 35.00 rarely imported, unique & hardy ‘nandid’-perfectly compatible in md-lg community

      Probarbus labeamajor 10” 150.00 only one large individual of very rarely imported striped Chinese barb

      Ptychidio jordani 7-8” 350.00 pr extremely rare, very uniquely attractive Chinese cyprinid w/ wing-like fins

      Rhinogobius rubromaculatus 1.5” 15.00 rarely imported brilliant red spotted goby

      Salminus maxillosus 8-9” 100.00 or 3 @ 85.00 real ‘golden dorado’ of south Brazil already w/ red fins

      Sarcocheilichthys sinensis 4-4.5” 50.00 rarely imported banded Chinese cyprinids-boldly banded gold/black

      Spinibarbus denticulatus 4-4.5” 50.00 rarely imported ‘Phoenix barbs’-highly impressive show fish!

      Xiphophorus helleri 2-3” 10.00 F1 Rio Otapa wild type swordtail-lg growing, red stripes on lime body


      Acanthicus adonis 7-8” 75.00 very showy white spotted lyre tailed pleco of great size and pattern

      Aguarunichthys torusos 1.5-2” 65.00 ‘bolt cat’ juveniles-amazing show cat as adult!

      Auchenoglanis occidentalis 4-4.5” 50.00 African ‘giraffe nose cats’-unique vacuum-like snout, cool show cat!

      Cephalosilurus apurensis 3-3.5” 65.00 ‘black marbled giant bee cats’-a rarely offered ‘pet cat’

      Callophysus macropterus 4-5” 65.00 ‘vulture cat’ or ‘mota cat’, a very attractive, active, showy spotted Pimeloid

      “ “ 13-14” 175.00 jumbo long term captive ‘vulture cat’-absolutely awesome show cat!

      Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps ‘albino’ 6-7” 50.00 very showy & lg growing red eyed ‘albino sailfin plecos’

      Liearius pictus 9-10” 150.00 one large ‘sail fin pictus’ cat with ornate/bold markings

      Panaque changae 3-4” 25.00 or 3 @ 22.00 L226 ‘zebra Panaque’ w/ boldly banded with ‘butterfly-like’ fins

      “ cf. nigrolineatus 7” 65.00 L191 ‘green royal pleco’ of super size and width! Awesome show fish

      Peckoltia compta 2-2.5” 65.00 L134 F1 ‘leopard frog pleco’ – incredibly marked, perfect for breeding

      “ lineola 3.5-4” 25.00 L202 large adults of attractively banded Peckoltia

      Pseudorinelepis genibarbus 4-5” 50.00 Peru ‘pinecone plecos’-not same as L095 or L152 (a separate, undescribed spp.)

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    2. ryansmith83

      ryansmith83 MFK Members

      May 2, 2008
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      I'm still waiting on a certain Colombian fish to pop up on your price list. I hope I can afford it when it arrives. Those balzanii and red severums look really tempting, though.
    3. gangster

      gangster MFK Members

      Apr 17, 2008
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      Jeff do you think you will import any Rio tocantin oscars?
    4. bigguapote

      bigguapote M.A.N. Community Vendor

      Jul 8, 2005
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      Ah yes Ryan. Fisherman have secured the Heroina :) Cichlid is out of the bag now-so to speak.


      I have been receiving photos of additional fish they are collecting for me as they are working rivers in the SW as per my instruction where commercial collecting has likely never been made before.
      I've seen some pretty crazy stuff this past week!
      There is a very good reason they are down there. Either I will be bringing in above fish with many other goodies, or above fish, many other goodies, plus some hold onto your hats stuff as well.
    5. Tripletail

      Tripletail MFK Members

      Jun 24, 2006
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      maint.sup. fish
      trusting in JESUS CHRIST
      Hold-onto-hats-stuff :) You just had to tell us that, knowing what our minds will create to fit those words. Ok, you got me
    6. peathenster

      peathenster MFK Members

      Nov 26, 2008
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      Georgia, US
      #2 in line... :)
    7. Aquanero

      Aquanero Anybody but Dallas!
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      Feb 16, 2009
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      Monster Fish Keeper
      New Jersey
      Me 3!!!!!!!

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