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    Pond Comet Breeding?

    A few days ago I rescued a bunch of pond fish. I found homes for all but a few that my wife wanted to keep. We kept 3 comets about 8-10" and a 12" koi. This morning i checked on them before i went to work and say some of the comets, what looked like, eating the new pads that were sprouting out of the lilly pots.(water is still green) When i got home a few minutes ago, i checked to see if they chewed up the lillies and found hundreds of amber colored balls. i found them in all the pots, on the rocks and in the filter. I bought my first pondfish last year and they aren't even close to breeding age but the new fish are. It must be the comets because the large koi wouldnt have a mate.
    is there anything i need to do to try to ensure the survival of the offspring, whatever they are?
    Here's a pic of the pond. its about 200-300g (i'm guessing) 6'x8'. There are 4 pots of lillies and random large rocks and driftwood on the bottom. in the bottom left where the arrow is, i have a waterfall and some sand that covers the bottom. The filter runs 550gph(i know its not enough but neither is my budget right now. My stock is:
    1-koi 12"
    3 comets 8-10"
    5 koi 4-6"
    1 comet 6"
    8" pleco
    I'm about to sell 3-4 of the small koi and the small comet because of the new fish.
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    Congrats! If you want them to survive, move the young. Golfish are notorius egg/fry eaters.
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