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    do snails have penis?

    i was doing a partial water change just now. and my snail on the side of my tank all of the sudden had this probably 1 inch long tube coming off it. I have never seen it before, its a Blue mystery snail by the way. WTF was it????

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    its a breather tube lol.

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    Yes, it's a breathing siphon. Here's a thread to learn how to determine their sexes. One way to be able to let them show their organs to make it easy to determine their sexes is by holding them on their shell while in the water. They will eventually come out of their shell and allow you to see whether they have the penis or not. The penis in males' cases should be at their right profile, not left. In most cases, they do show their penis but only right after copulating a female.

    Here are pics of snails owned by Dixienut of AC.

    Mine copulating with the females.
    Mystery Snails

    Golden Apple Snails

    Golden apple snail laying eggs

    Assassin Snails

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    if i remember rightly their genitalia or on their necks...never saw it with mine personally but i wasnt touching their necks after i found out.
    (mine were GALS so often handled)
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