I've got to get a bunch of stuff cleared out for new arrivals after Daytona. Please take a look at the list, all prices are plus shipping via UPS Next Day Air, or Delta Dash/Priority First. Please E-mail me at eivins1@cfl.rr.com if interested. Thanks, Eric

Male Surinam Twistnecks ( Sorry no Females ) - Platemys Platycephala - An awesome Pet quality Turtle that stays in the 6" range, and will act more like a dog, than you're dog ever will - $50 each

Adult Female Toad Head Turtle - Phrynops Nasuta - In the 10" range, has already laid a clutch in captivity, originally a Surinam Import - A somewhat un-common Turtle - $130

CBB 09' Red Bellied Sidenecks - Emydura Subglobosa - Another great choice for a Pet quality Turtle. Stays in the 8-12" range, and can be a very interactive Turtle - $50 each, $90 for two ( Two available )

8" Male Asian Box Turtle - Cuora Amboinensis - This animal will take food from my fingers. Pretty much full grown, will make an awesome pet or breeder - $35

1.1 African Helmeted Mud Turtles - Pelusios Subrufa - Handpicked Tanzanian Imports - Doing very well, very clean, and will eat just about anything - $40 for the pair

0.0.2 Hinged African Mud Turtles - Pelusios Castaneus - Hanpicked Tanzanian Imports - These look like Juvie Females - Very clean, and feeding well - $30 each, $50 for the two

Male 13" Mata Mata - Chelus Fimbriatus - The last one left out of my most recent group from Guyana - Has some shell bruising typical of most Imports, but very clean on the Carapace - Feeding on F/T whole Fish - $200

07' 5-6" Borneo Painted River Terrapins - Callagur Borneoensis - One of the best Riverine Turtles to come out of Indonesia - Males undergo a color change while in Breeding mode, have the potential of hitting 24", and are very interactive Turtles. Prices are as follows -

Flawless - $200 - 2 available

Irregular Scute - $175 - 1 Available

Nipped Shells - $160 - 2 Available