We are happy to announce that we are once again having the annual Monster Mayhem Pumpkin Carving Contest! Submissions are due by October 29, 2010 and a voting period will occur over Halloween weekend. Please get carving and send in your submissions in order to win foods from Hikari, USA. The prize is Hikari Carnisticks!

Picture of the Month contests will resume in January of 2011! Look for an announcement coming soon on the new rules and format.

Thanks to all that visited the Monster Aquaria Network booth at the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2010 and collected their free t-shirts. Be sure to take a minute to browse through the pictures of all who attended.

We wanted to remind everyone that there is 24 hour chat available on Aquaria Central. Stop in to chat in real time with other members of the network!

Remember to visit the MonsterAquariaNetwork store to shop for t-shirts, decals, hats, emblems, and bags to support the MAN network and AC! All proceeds go to defray the costs of running our network. Your contribution makes a difference! Buy your merchandise and show your pride!

Also as a reminder to all our sellers in the network. Please take not of the new vendor rules. You are required to become a vendor if you are doing commercial sales. Hobbyists may continue selling their tank raised wares. Please take a moment to review the rules and pm neoprodigy if interested in becoming a vendor. For consistency, we will contact those brought to our attention to be commercial sellers. Thanks in advance for your compliance with these new rules.

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