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    Can fish have epilepsy?

    I recently acquired four parachromis loisellei. They vary in size from 3-5". One and only one of the larger fish will go completely ridged for a moment, have a weird lifeless look in its eyes and at times either twitch a little and then quickly snap out of it or it will be ridged but have an uncontrolled burst of speed with no intended direction. Literally bouncing off whatever surface it hits. After a few minutes it will right itself and swim along like nothing happened.

    I grew up with one of my best friends who had epilepsy so I was used to being around him when he had seizures. When this fish has its episodes esp. the ones in which it launches itself with a rigid body and full bursts of speed with no direction makes me think of a grand mal seizure.

    So my question: Can fish have epilepsy?

    For the die hards that will of course ask-My tank is a 120g (60x18x26) seving as a growout, not overstocked but comfortably stocked, way overfilterd, temp 80.3 deg. Yes I have a real water test kit and I know how to use it. Regular weekly water changes are done. Again this is the only fish that has ever had issues and it is new to me form another hobbyist.

    So now your opinion...

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    Yes, anything with a central nervous system can have seizures.
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