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    My 250 Gallon custom made aquarium. Full setup.

    Regretfully I am having to shut down my much loved Monster Fish aquarium. It is up for sale on aquarist classified here:

    There are lots of pictures in the link but there are also many on here from the good old days when it was my oddball tank.

    Here is a reproduction of the advert:

    Complete custom aquarium setup with optiwhite front pane (glass where the green pigment is absent to improve viewing) 239cm x 71cm x71cm or 94 x 28 x28 approximately 1200 litres / 250 Gallons with over tank Luminaire and stand. Perfect for large oddball fish such as most Peacock Bass species, Datnioides, Arowana and Tigrinus Catfish.
    This setup comes with everything you need to run a successful, large aquarium and keep unusual and demanding fish. It includes:

    Arcadia Luminaire 150cm with two Original Tropical fluorescents
    Light starter unit with fluorescent
    U4 internal filter
    3x Fluval FX5 external canister filters with media (all of which fit neatly within the stand)
    Large powerhead
    Algae Master 15 UV system modified to work with an FX5
    Large pond air compressor with six outlets
    4x Large air stones and air line
    300w heater
    4x new and unopened bags of activated carbon
    Plus spare Fluval FX5 taps and O rings, fluorescent tubes and glass covers.

    One of the glass covers for the right hand side of the aquarium is broken but would cost a very small sum to replace.
    There is also a single piece of wood surround that has warped, however it is not structural and will be very easy and cheap to replace.
    Offers over 600

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    Have you still got this available?


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