Ok a long shot that there are other members near me but worth shot. So after many many happy years fish keeping its time to sell up.

All fish are pick up only, sorry I wont ship no matter how much you offer me.

Jack Dempsey Juvinile fish, around 3 years old. Semi Aggressive, but have had no issues with it attacking other fish, or eating Corys. Filling out very nicely and is around 6-7 inches long. Would suit a larger specimen tank, or as a single fish in a medium tank. Going to be a cracker when fully grown.


Chocolate Cichlid. Peaceful Cichlid, most suited for a very large specimen tank.
This is a lump of a fish, has to be at least 9 inches long nose to tail. At a guess I would say this could be a 2kg fish!!!!!!!
Not a very common fish, when I bought him I had never even seen another one before. I am reluctantly selling up, so its time for the best fish I have ever owned to find a new home.


Heros Rotkeil, Red Shoulder Severum. Adult Male. 5 1/2- 6 inches nose to tail. Peaceful cichlid with striking head colouration. Good specimens are rare and hard to find.


Blood Parrot Cichlid. Adult. Approximately 5 1/2 inches nose to tail. Great wee cichlid, peaceful, but not afraid to stand up for himself.


Thanks for looking. Any relevant questions feel free to ask. Contact me via PM or email ewanbennet@gmail.com