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    Vulture cat and TSN compatable?

    Could I keep my vulture cat in a pond with my TSN? (pond will prob be about 8x8x3)

    This is a question for the future as the vulture is 16" and the TSN only 3" so won't be mixing them for a while.

    Could the vulture become a possible expensive snack?

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    Would realy depend on the tsn. My 17 inch tsn lives with a 4 and 5 inch chiclid and would rather eat hand feed food then hunt them. On the other hand I have a friend with a 12 inch tsn that kills any other fish you add to the tank. If it was me I would grow the tsn to 14 inches thats when mine calmed down then move them both into a tank together at the same time. That way there is no pre established teritory and they both have to have a pissing contest.
    My wife and I are raising a red tail and a tiger shovel nose started at 2.5 inches. Check it out and feel free to post questions.
    Come read there storry there now 20 inches

    My 300 gallon plywood tank build with advice


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