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    Milk spot puffer advice plz

    Hi all im new to puffers and just bought a 2 inch milk spot puffer any one own a large or fully grown one out there and any advice on owning one would be good as its my first puffer thanks

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    Common Name: Milk Spotted Puffer

    Distribution: Indo-Pacific: East Africa to the Admiralty Islands, New Britain and Trobiand Islands, north to China, south to Northern Australia.

    Water Parameters: As per now; not known. Specimen is found in marine, brackish and fresh waters.

    Personality/Temperament: Agressive

    Max. Size: 15 inches (38 cm)

    Estimated Lifespan: Not known

    Sexual Dimorphism: None shown

    Care: Marine species, but can be kept in brackish conditions. Due to size, tanks 100 ~ 250+ gallons are recommended. Have you kept this puffer? Please post details on our Encyclopedia Forum.

    Minimum Tank Size: 100 US gallons (380 liters)
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