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    Spoon Head Super Red Arowana (Mitra Red)

    Due to change of heart, I have decided to put my super red aro up for sales.. I see lots of potential in this piece. I dont know if its me or my friends constantly tempting me with nice gold aro pics, but I seem to prefer gold aro now instead. Will keep it if no one is keen on this red aro. Low ballers will not be entertained.

    Type of Arowana: Super Red (Kingdom Red)
    Tag Number: xxxxxx7926
    Farm: PT MITRA
    Size: 11 inches
    Diet: SW, MP
    Price: $1200

    Will not be providing any more pictures unless the links becomes invalid. Viewing for appreciation and chit chat is greatly welcomed.

    Contact is 9229 5118, viewing at Bishan Park area.

    Thanks for viewing.
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    16042011 - tpg estimated at 5.25" and 5.5"
    30042011 - tpg estimated at 8.25" and 8.5"


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