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    Sounds like a good combination.

    Lets see some pictures

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    yea this image loader keeps saying my pics are invalid

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    A Scleropages legendrei in a 560 gal (2120 litre) with a Brachyplatystoma tigrinum.

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    One day, one day I will have a budget for something like this. Absolutely incredible.

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    Welcome to MFK and am glad you are enjoying everyones tanks and fish.

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    A baby Tetraodon mbu in a tank near the 15k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arapaimag View Post
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    A female Boulengerochromis microlepis
    She is beautiful! How big is she?

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    She was wild caught and I got her from Jerry Draper owner of The Tropical Fish Room in 2007 at 6" to 7". I bought four of them. from 2007 to 2009 2 were killed by the other 2. I then measured this one and moved it from a 180 in March of 2009. It measured 20" at that time.

    I believe it has added a bit of weight and length since then and is probably 21" to 22" now.

    Beside eating small cichlids in the tank it really enjoys pellets, flakes, shrimp, mackerel and herring.

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    Why don't you get some mahseers?

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