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FS: 225 Gallon TruVu Plexiglass Aquarium Kit (San Francisco)

Discussion in 'MFK Marketplace : Buy and Sell' started by midiamin, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Well this seems like it is a new forum that's long overdue. Figure I would start things off with a really. really cheap offer. It will not be parted out. It will be offered at this price for a limited amount of time so don't wait too long.

    Includes 225 gallon TruVu aquarium. Dimensions: 96 x 18 x30 inches with a black background. 1/2inch thick acrylic. Some hairline scratches which will probably disappear when water is added. Scratches easy to remove when necessary. Very good condition.

    Used Model 300 TruVu wet/dry filter w/sump and sump cover. Includes, pump (description to follow), bio balls, hoses etc. Rated for tanks up to 300 gallons. Possibly missing bulkheads to inline sump to wet/dry. Gotta dig. PS dimension: 36 x 14 x 17 inches. Sump dimensions: 18 x 13 x 17 inches. Pictures of Sump provided by request. I also can provide used canister filters at a reasonable price (Eheim or Fluval). Very good condition.

    "New" Coralife 36 inch HQI 2 x150w MH. 20,000k double ended. 2 x 150 watt lamps, 2 x external ballast with on/off switches, 12 foot lamp cords plus 6 foot power cord. Built in cooling fan, glass HQI lens cover. If you are interested in saving some money or want a matching set, I can direct you to the same 36 inch HQI metal halide 'used' for $150" and it's looks like it is in excellent condition. But ya gotta hurry cause at that price, it aint gonna be around for long. It's the complete set up and serious lighting for reefs. I also have 3 (matching) x 175 watt metal halide pendants w/bulbs and ballast I can sell for $100 each. I also have new 175 watt bulbs for $20 each. If you choose to go with another light altogether, the total price will be even cheaper. Excellent conditions

    Used EuroReef Protein Skimmer. Model V5250, w/pump (description to follow). Footprint: 30 inches tall, 8.5 in diameter by 4.5 inches deep cup. Base footprint: 9 x 9 inches or, used AllSeas Marine Protein Skimmer Model ASM G-1x 5H with pump (description to follow). 21 inches tall with 7.5 inch diameter cup. Footprint about the same as the EuroReef. Pic is the EuroReef. Can provide pic of the AllSeas. Very good condition.

    This set up is excellent for large offices with space. Asking $1200 firm. Cash only and pick up only.

    225 gallon.JPG

    Sump w: cover.jpg

    TruVu TruFlo 300 Wet:Dry 2.jpg

    New 48 inch MH Coralife.jpg

    EuroReff Protein Skimmer.jpg
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