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Hi Everyone!

Discussion in 'Pet Zone Tropical Fish' started by PetZoneSanDiego, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. PetZoneSanDiego

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    Dec 12, 2008
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    Yesterday at 12:44 PM
    Glad to become a vendor on this awesome forum!
    We hope to get feedback from you guys on here, whether positive or negative, any feedback is welcome.

    I'll introduce myself very fast. My name is Roger and Pet Zone is a family-run business owned by my parents, Paul and Jenney. I am sure those of you who have been to our store or ordered over the phone with us will know either one of them. :)

    Our family has been raising all sorts of fish for decades. Fish keeping has pretty much been a part of our family ever since I was born and both Paul and Jenney have been raising them many years before I was born!We take pride in all of our fish and hand select each and everyone and put in a lot of effort sourcing out the best ones out there!Everything in our stock is quarantined before it reaches our display tanks and we make sure to go an extra way to make sure all tanks are in top notch condition.

    I'm planning on posting up new listings very soon (we have many beautiful fish looking for new homes ;)), so stayed tuned everyone. Looking forward to hearing from all of you here! :cheers:

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