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Professional Egg Tumbler - Australia

Discussion in 'International Marketplace' started by gbang007, May 28, 2011.

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  1. gbang007

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    For Sale! Professional Egg Tumblers $30
    I have a number of egg tumblers up for sale. These are professionally made tumblers which are made in a factory so there is no dodgy cutting or or irregular sides. Everything is factory made so it has a professional finish.

    The tumbler has been professionally designed and made. Firstly, there all the holes are laser cut so no more sharp bits hanging off to scratch the eggs. There is also a filter at the top of the tumbling chamber to stop the eggs from being sucked out of the chamber. There is also room for a small filter pad which will be provided in the future which will be factory cut to perfectly fit under the bottom filter so that no debris can get into the tumbler and no fish can get to the eggs.

    The top chamber has a beautifully built head so the water doesn't just flow up but its gets pushed out and away. This means the head can be left if the water or above water level and this alters the level of water passing through the tumbler which alters the speed of the eggs tumbling. The top of the head has a factory cut hole to perfectly fit the airline so it goes straight up and out. These have been used by one or two forum members already for testing and the feedback has been excellent so now I am opening this product up to others.

    The tumbling chamber is 15cm long and 4cm in diameter. The top chamber where the airstone and airline is housed is 16cm and 2cm in diameter.

    What the tumbler comes with is the tumbler itself, airlines, airstone and 2 suction caps.

    Tumblers are $35 each plus postage if required. Can do discount for bulk buy! Send me a PM if you guys are interested or email at matthew.j.giang@gmail.com. I have more pics if you guys want more pics.

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