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Sump, pumps, fliters, lace rock, etc Aurora or Bailey, CO

Discussion in 'MFK Marketplace : Buy and Sell' started by CharlieTuna, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. CharlieTuna

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    Nov 30, 2012
    Finishing parting out my 210g, the tank is gone but I still have everything else.

    - Two ReeFlo Snapper pumps - awesome pump, capable of pushing 2500 gph each. I have a bunch of plumbing, anti drain valves, etc that you can have if you purchase one or both of the pumps. $150 each or $280 for the pair

    - Ocean Clear canister filters - I have two, one has the standard pleated filter plus an extra filter. The other was set up with a UV sterilizer, unfortunately I broke the UV tube. You could replace the UV tube or purchase a new lid for it and use it as a standard canister filter. $60 for the non-UV, $40 for the UV model or $80 for both.

    - Three 300 watt heaters, less then a year old, forgot what brand but they are nice. I will find out the brand and update this post. $20 each or $50 for all three.

    - Magdrive 10 pump - $40

    - Custom sump - awesome sump which supported my 210g with ease. It is made from a glass 40g breeder, drilled for bulkheads (included) multiple chambers for different media. Includes Poret foam for bio and mechanical filtration and SeaChem Matrix for bio filtration. Also includes a glass lid. I need $150 for the sump, I have more then that in it in just the media.

    - Lace rock - about 120 lbs, mostly larger pieces. $100 for all.

    - 36" Coralife twin tube florescent with newer bulbs, one is 10k the other is an actinic $40.

    I have everything at my new place in Bailey. I can bring it to work with me in Aurora if that is more convenient for you. I will consider shipping the ReeFlo pumps. Everything else is pickup only.

    The stand may be avialible, I have to make sure my former landlord did not throw it out. Free if anybody wants it. I will check and see if it is still there. Stand is in Bennett, CO

    I have a bunch of other stuff that is not listed, a couple more external pumps (need repair), water test kits, NLS cichlid food, etc, etc.

    Here is a link to my build thread with pictures of the sump and more details;

    Please email me at mx5sk@yahoo.com if you are interested in anything. I will make somebody a great deal on all of it.
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