200 gallon

  1. F

    clear glass weaker than regular glass?

    hi! I'm in the prosses of making my own 200 gallon 6 foot by 2 foot by 2.5 foot tank. i wanted clear / low iron glass in the front pannel and regular glass in all other sides, but my LFS told me that is not possible as "clear glass is weaker than regular glass" and i have to get a full clear...
  2. C

    Want to Buy  200-400 gallon fish tank

    Looking for a bigger fish tank in north california
  3. Angelphish

    Tiger Barb Tank Mates

    I have a school of eight Tiger barbs in my 200 gallon, 7' x 2' x 2', aquarium. There were a couple more fish I wanted before I would consider it fully stocked. Currently the largest fish in the aquarium is the Blood Parrot, but the Bala's and Pleco will surpass him. I was looking for more...
  4. Angelphish

    BGK Compatibility

    I purchased an elephant nose from my lfs yesterday, the only problem I have with him is the fact that it won't eat its blood worms, but that is beyond the point (though I would be open to suggestions). I plan on purchasing a BGK later this year. I have a 8' x 2' x 2' 200 gallon aquarium.
  5. M

    Looking at a 200G

    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a 200 gallon aquarium. Right now I have a 90 gallon with a couple of Red Bellies in it. I've been looking all over for a different type of freshwater predator for this new tank. If you guys have any suggestions as to what I should stock the 200 gallon with and...