african chichlids

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    Blackwater fish tank for Rift Lake cichlids?

    I love blackwater fish tanks. I understand that blackwater tanks are low ph and aimed at south american cichlids. but my question is most fish that we keep are captive bred and not wild caught (at least in my country). Some are bred in my city, others are imported from Thailand /...
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    How to Promote Peacock Cichlid Breeding

    40 Breeder 83 degrees Sand Substrate with large rocks covering 60% of the tank floor (I move rocks around every water change) 1 male sunshine peacock (4 inches) 3 female aulonocara (3 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches) Bi-Weekly water change at around 30-40% (Wednesdays and Sundays, I do colder...
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    automation with Filter roller in African Cichlids tank?

    Hi guys, I currently have a 120g(175g with the sump) mix hap set up. And I am working toward full automation. (I am not using apex on this specific project because it is not cost-effective on freshwater setup) At the moment, I have wifi power plugs and power strips to control all of my device(...
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    FS - Assorted African Chichlids and entire 90 gallon bowfront setup $400.00 Located Hamilton County IN pickup only

    I am moving across country for my job, and will not be able to bring this awesome setup with me. Below is the list of everything included. This is a bulk buy and nothing will be sold seperately. Pickup only, this system is on the 3rd story of an apartment building so it might be a great idea to...