1. M

    boesemani rainbow Head turning dark blue/black with new tank mates

    So I have had 1 boesmane’s rainbow for about 3 months, he was all alone with guppy’s and tetras. I set up my new 90 gallon planted tank with co2. And let put him in it after about 3 weeks.. he was doing fine for about a week and a half, but people kept telling me that he needs more boesmani...
  2. Rayfishowner

    How to deal with Angelfish Aggression?

    Hey all, So recently i made the mistake of giving away one of my angelfish pairs to a friend and as a result of these 2 fish gone, there is a lot of aggression, torn fins and fighting. I originally had 10 angels in a 75 gallon and so the aggression was less on each fish, but with two dominant...
  3. S

    Lager Oscar chasing other Oscar

    I have had two oscars( 10-15cm) in this tank for 2months with no problem. They swim and eat together. They often lay beside each other at night. Two weeks ago I added 5 silver dollars into the tank. There was no aggression. Two day ago I noticed that the larger Oscar was chasing the smaller one...
  4. RubyRuby234

    My new addition to our Fish Family!!

    My new BEAUTIFUL Jaguar Cichlid!! So happy welcome to the family Jet!
  5. huntery18

    how to tell when my jd pair

    hey guys i have four jack dempseys and they are about 3 and a half inches, recently they seem to all be on edge keeping up towards the center of the water column. one i can identify is definitely female the other 3 i can not tell, how do i know when a male has paired up with my female, i have...
  6. CristianV

    Pick Your Winner

    A continuation of my previous thread “Fantasy Fish Battle”. I’ve accumulated who my top dogs would be so I’m letting you guys pick the champ! If choice isn’t listed, post who you’d pick. Explainations of your pick would be appreciated, thanks guys! (No snakeheads as they are illegal in America)
  7. SouthTxAquaman

    Suggestions for an overly aggressive fish?

    sorry if this has been covered a lot in the past, I didn't see anything on it yet in the forum. And let me preface that I know many mistakes were made here. I purchased a female jack Dempsey yesterday from my lfs. She's maybe 4.5 inches. I put her in my 2nd tank to watch her a bit. I should of...
  8. U

    Texas agresssion

    Hello, I've got a Blue Texas who lived with a pleco for a year. Previously I had parrots and other cichlids in the tank, but they've died due to sickness. The only survivors from a 500L and a 200L tank were the Pleco and The Texas. I've got new fish, a pair of texas and a chocolate...
  9. Narwhal

    Spiny Eels with African Cichlids

    So as I have been rearranging my tanks I was thinking of moving my Pundamilia nyererei in with my Spiny Eel. It is a Mastacembelus frenatus that is about 5.5-6 inches long. I have kept it with Cyps, but you can keep them with most community fish. I have wanted to put the eel in with my Lake...
  10. P

    Bichir and Datnoid sizing question

    Hi guys, I'm just about to finalise the delivery of the new tank inhabitants, on way are: 1 x Delhezi @ 4: 1 x Endlicheri @ 4" 1 x 4 bar Indo Dat @ 4" 3 x Tinfoils at unknown size as of yet And 1 x Hepsetus Odoe as soon as I can source one locally. My question is, although the Bichir and...
  11. GamerChick5567

    Aggression issues, should I setup another tank?

    Hey guys, need some input on this. Having a few minor aggression issues. Recently I added the mesoheros atromaculatus that I rescued from craigslist into my 90 gallon tank. They seemed healthy enough to skip the last part of quarantine so I plopped 'em in there. They already seem much happier to...