aquarium club speakers

  1. J

    JSAS Speaker Presentation for July general meeting

    It's been a while I posted a lecture. here is a great one by Joseph Graffagnino on " Tips & Tricks on Breeding Fish & Raising fry" ENJOY.
  2. J

    JSAS 9/11/17 General mtg. with Dr. Paul Loiselle

    Great presentation by Dr. Loiselle speaking on the many varieties of small and beautiful fish you can use in a nano aquarium. Lots of useful information. Recommended for all, especially intermediate and advanced aquarists.
  3. Ankit Naidu

    Is my coral fine?

    its green button polyp which I got a for free! But it didn't open! Is it fine or is anything troubling it?
  4. J

    JSAS May 8, 2017 meeting with Joe Ferdenzi on Killifish

    Guest speaker Joe Ferdenzi gave a great presentation on "Killifish Demystified".