1. mr cichlid

    Predatory fish up to 2.5 feet

    one-stop-shop for large established predatory tank. All you need is a big aquarium or Pond, LOL. Predator fish up to 2.5 feet in length. Majority of these fish have grown up together. They can be housed with large cichlids and many oddball species. Research what cichlid would be best. -wild...
  2. Dgmannn412

    Can I do it?

    So I have recently acquired a 180. It's 8 ft by 2 ft square. I have a saddle bichir that's about 10 inches long and a veiled oscar also about 10 inches including fins. They are currently in a 55. I intend on moving them into the 180 how ever I belive that it would still be fairly empty. What are...