arowana fish

  1. Miks786

    Adding a second Silver Arowana

    Hey MFK ;) I currently have a 13 inch silver arowana in a 400 gallon tank and a mate of mine would like to get rid of a 17 inch silver arowana Would they be fine together in the same tank or would it just be a death threat? I have read that a few fights will happen but because of dominance...
  2. L

    Help me identify this Arowana

    The Seller says its a asian green arowana but im thinking other wise pls help.
  3. F

    Silver Arowanas are biting each other???

    Hi I finally got two Silver Arowanas, it's literally a dream come true. After perfectly acclimating them to their new tank, after around 10 min, I started noticing that they were occasionally calmly swimming up to each other and doing a swift motion where their mouth would kinda "bite" the other...