1. Blakewater

    New Monster Addition

    Now THIS is a monster cichla addition. Picked up this beautiful 16”-17” Azul Saturday and, although he beat himself up a bit on the journey, he’s adjusting great and leading everyone else in the tank. It’s insane how much he absolutely dwarfs my other 7”-11” bass. You could probably fit all my...
  2. Blakewater

    For Trade  12"+ C. Brokopondo For Pinima/Intermedia BAY AREA CA

    Looking to see if anyone would be interested in trading bass. Im open to trading one of my 11"~13" WC sp. Brokopondo in exchange for a Pinima over 4" or a nice Intermedia over 6". May consider trading for a very nice azul. Im willing to drive up to 2 hrs to meet up. I live in 94928 / North Bay...
  3. Blakewater

    Give Me Your Opinion

    Hey guys, I wanted to get your opinion on this bass I have. It was one of the first ones I bought since I began jumping back into monster tanks since my two year hiatus, the first bass I got since I really started heavily focussing on them, and the first bass I bought before I realized how...
  4. Blakewater

    Update Of My Growouts And Their Soon-To-Be 550G Upgrade

    Just sharing an update of my stock. Currently all between 5”-9”. Amazing how good water quality and high level foods are bringing out their colors. They’re super active and loving life but it’s time for them to get even more room and I don’t like waiting to upgrade so I just purchased a...
  5. Jush

    Want to Buy  Azul Peacock Bass

    Looking for Azul Peacock Bass either 3-5 inch or 8-14 inch, if you have a size not listed still let me know, may be able to work something out. I'm from the North-West of the UK, in Preston/ Blackpool (PR3) I can often collect, as prefer not to ship bass due to friends having dead on arrivals...
  6. Ashan Kavinda

    Peacock Bass ( Cichla )

    Peacock Bass ( Cichla ) Need Your Support Follow & Share “mfk_srilanka” on Instagram Official IG Account for my #Fish_Photography
  7. Ashan Kavinda

    Blue Azul <3

  8. kody929

    FS | Azul Bass, Rare Cats, Multiple Bichirs, Etc | $0-100 | Las Vegas, NV | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Azul Bass, Rare Cats, Multiple Bichirs, Etc What are your prices?: 0-100 Where are you located?: Las Vegas, NV Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Hey everyone I’m looking to put my 210G tank in hiatus while I...
  9. R

    Peacock Bass Possibly Having Seizures??

    I have a couple 5" or so peacock bass (a couple Azuls and a couple Monos) the past couple days one of my monos seems like he is having severe seizures, and then suddenly goes back to semi-normal behavior - looks slightly flushed and hides in driftwood which isn't exactly typical for him. He also...
  10. TheWolfman

    The Official Wolfmans tank thread

    Hey guys I figured I’d finally just start my own build thread, and share my photos with my fellow Cichla freaks! Some shots with my Canon...
  11. AG458

    Tank Update!

    I've had my current 60g (long) tank up and running since last summer. Despite my taste for large fish, my current stock is doing very well together. My current stock is as listed below: x1 Common Plecostomus x1 Azul Peacock Bass x1 Polypterus Endlicheri x1 Silver Arowana (Surprise!) Please keep...
  12. dwsdarius

    Hey everyone, round 2 for mystery Cichla ID

    Hey everyone, a couple of months ago I posted picks of my 2 cichla and no one could give me a direct ID so here's my second shot now that they are bigger. Sold to me as cichla Kelberi (definitely not kelberi) from Petzone Tropicals...last time some suggested its either temensis or piquiti...I...
  13. Larryfish

    Azul peacock bass pricing

    Found some at the LFS for around 80$ at 6". Is this a good price? I've been looking other places. But all the other selling posts I've seen were from like 2010. And the fish market changes a lot.
  14. B

    My team p b collection

    Hi all, not been on here for a few years - still in the cichla game though.
  15. greenerinks

    adopted an azul or is it a hybrid?

    Just freshly back from my trip and adopted this juvie azul from a friend. Do juvie azuls typically have spangles like this or is this a hybrid..?