bamboo shark

  1. lovesharksmorethanmyself

    Bamboo shark is turning red

    PLEASE help I am beginning to get desperate. A few days ago I made a post concerning some red marks on my youngest bamboo that appeared to be abrassions. He has been hatched for around a month. As of tonight, all of his white bands are a tint of red and his underbelly is COMPLETELY bruised up...
  2. lovesharksmorethanmyself

    Bamboo shark rubbing sand

    I Hi, please help me figure out what’s going on! I have two bamboo sharks, one is marbled and the other is banded. Marbled one is only a few months old, my banded is about 2 weeks. They are both in a 75g- before you come at me with this please know I am extremely well aware how inadequate...
  3. lovesharksmorethanmyself

    Good vitamin/iodine supplement products for bamboo sharks?

    Hi! So sorry if I screw anything up while submitting this post I’m still learning how to use this website. What are some good vitamin/iodine supplement products you guys recommend for bamboo sharks? Want to make sure I get the best/most recommend product for them. Thanks!
  4. Miks786

    Shark egg help???

    Hey guys, my tank crashed this morning..Nirates and Nirites were very high and i lost everything in the tank besides a crab i have..I had a bamboo shark egg in the tank also which i took to my lfs now..Whats the chances of the shark surviving in the egg?
  5. mobyfish

    Gray Bamboo Shark

    I've been looking for leads as to where I could find a Gray Bamboo Shark in Northern California now for a couple months and will be strongly in the market starting next month. I know these sharks are harder to find than the banded and are usually mislabeled but I was wondering if anyone knows...