1. B

    Fish attacking bichir b- hole

    Ok laugh, but seriously. My barbs have been relentlessly biting my bichirs on the cloaca. Even after being fed to satiation, they keep doing it! Im worried this is going to lead to injury and infection. I noticed it for the first time last night. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Do I need to get...
  2. B

    For Sale  Baby filament barbs

    Hi! Looking to add to your school? Stocking a new tank and want a beautiful, active midsized fish? Check out filament barbs! Babies and their parents pictured below Group of 9 1-inch $70 Group of 8 1/2-inch $60 All 17 $80 These dudes would do great in a 20g for now, but I recommend at least...
  3. Blakewater

    For Sale  23” Juli Barb BAY AREA

    A friend and I are selling a 23” Julliene Barb. Eating good absolutely massive. Extremely rare to see one this size. Pick up only around San Jose no shipping sorry $550 OBO.
  4. JESTERX626

    For Sale  5 Black-spot filament barbs

    Puntius filamentosus barbs in the 4-5” range for sale Group consists of both males and females, males having longer fins and color. They aren’t picky eaters. I feed them massivore and pellets. Awesome fast dithers for community tanks. Selling as a group for $50 I am willing to meet in a 10...
  5. J

    Tank Capacity 120 Gallon

    I am fairly new to keeping big fish. I tried oscars but they wouldn't stop fighting. Got an ornate bichir that I think is awesome. Wanted some tank mates for him. So for my 120 gallon I've got the ornate, three tinfoil barbs, one blood parrot, and one severum. How close do you think I am on...
  6. N

    Urgent: my barb is sick

    Hi. I want to ask for advice and help. I have a tiger barb that is still 4 cm long. I have kept him since 3 months ago. 2 weeks ago, he became sedentary and now he got what looks like a wound that is located at the bottom part of the body or should i say the belly. The wound color is red and it...
  7. M

    Bala/Silver shark in a brackish tank

    Hi, i am thinking about having a brackish tank and i want bala/silver shark, are they able to be in 1.005 salinity? also wondering about odessa barbs and denison barb, yes i know they arent really monster fish but i am planning to keep all of those fish with archerfish and maybe argus fish
  8. GiantFishKeeper101

    Tonight's catch

    Just wanna share tonights catch. Not that 'wow' kind of fish but still, great fishes nonetheless. Several snakeheads and some unknown white fish/barbs. 2nd pic: the lesser known kind of barbs. Probably from osteochilus spp. or labiobarbus spp. 3rd pic: same fish from the top. Have similar...
  9. L

    Acrossocheilus barbs

    Anyone keep Acrossocheilus? I can't find any aquarium care information. post any experience. example species: Railway barb Acrossocheilus fasciatus
  10. B

    Koi Tank Mates

    Hi everybody on monsterfishkeepers, This is my first ever post on here so hello. I'm chuffed to of found a site with so many other passionate fish keepers. I thought i would start by asking what people would consider as tank mates for...