1. Hybridfish7

    Marbled koi halfmoon plakat bettas

    Currently breeding some... I have 50 fry at 2 weeks old. I'll post pics and updates on them here
  2. The Dave

    How to Culture And Feed Vinegar Eels To Your Fish

    One of the easiest ways to improve the growth rate of newborn fish is to give them ample supplies of healthy live foods. However, most live food cultures can be difficult to keep going over the long run. One exception is the vinegar eel. These creatures are incredibly easy to raise and feed to...
  3. The Dave

    An Incredible Video Of My Rosetail Betta Feeding On Mosquito Larvae

    Has anyone here ever fed their mosquito larvae to their Betta ? They love it, and it's fun to watch them chasing the larvae all around the tank. I put out several containers of water in a shady area near my home every year to allow mosquitos to lay their eggs in the water. I check it everyday...