bio balls

  1. N

    Bio Media - Lava Rock

    This topic has probably been beaten to death but I have a very particular question. On the Lowes website they have a product called Red Lava Rock and here is the link. My question is the following, is this a crushed version...
  2. Aquatank

    How to make D.I.Y. bio balls

    Hey guys I have a doubt about how I can make some bio media for my sump when I don't have enough money to buy the whole bio media. Do you guys have any idea on how I can make one as I have some very porous stone at this point and I wanted to make it into bio media. Is it fine to do so?
  3. L

    Best Bio filtration media?

    I know this could possibly start a big debate but that is what i need. In your opinion, what is the best non-commercial biological filter media? ie. lava rock pot scrubbers? I need a ton of it like enough to fill a 50 gallon drum worth. what is the best and dont cost an arm and a leg?
  4. M

    Overkill or not ? Bacteria Bloom!

    So I got my new tank, 55 gallon. Got 2 new filters for it.. 2 canisters, cascade 1000's 1 without filter media, (only bio balls) in every slot 25. second with filter pads, sponges, etc. etc. ( NO CARBON ) Prepped all rocks, for the tank.. Put them in a tub with Baking soda for 3 days, after...
  5. P

    Pinky Filters

    Pinkyfilter would like to offer to MonsterFishKeepers Members a Discount on our product. We currently sell Bulk Filter Media and Bio Balls that are all made in the USA! We are located in Minnesota and currently shipping world wide. We offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL USA ORDERS! You can check us out...