1. TakeNotes

    For Sale  ~11" BLACK DIAMOND MALE - 4yo+ - NY- New York- 800 pick-up ONLY.

    He's atleast 4 years old, had him about 2 years at least. New baby on the way, stepping out of the hobby. He is Healthy. Eats sinking pellets. Located in NY asking 800 OBO. Pick-up ONLY
  2. J


    mix white and black substrate pictures.
  3. DanHOB

    Huge rays in our pond with Aro’s

    Massive pond with our massive rays (2x bd’s, p14, Motoro) and Aro’s We was getting our Aro’s to be ‘handfed’ which they eventually did☺️
  4. greenerinks

    Here's a little update of black/yellow/brown

    It's been a couple months and the BD/aparacio is feeding very aggressively. Looks like pregnant females sometimes. The tiger is stuck on eating only live and is out gunned by the other two for food. Still looking healthy with no protruding hips though. The BD male juvenile still has small spots...