1. M

    Stickelback with no nest to spawn

    I was out fishing today, when i saw i little stickelback who i took home for my aquarium. Then i saw that it look pregnet and ready to spawn?? What should I do?? It has no nest to spawn
  2. A

    Clouded archerfish /Toxotes blythi

    Exciting news . been studying archers for almost 6 months now and wanted to breed them so badly . Everyone said it’s impossible also cause there were no information on breeding them cause there are very little to no captive breeding records or archers , except for of course the OG “perch...
  3. N

    Group of angel fishes not pairing up.!!

    I have 16 angels which are collected randomly and left in a 75 gallon tank 60% of them are siblings. They are all adults above 12 to 16 months. And now its been almost two months they are together and doesnt show any mating rituals. All are very active and agressive to each other since then. I...
  4. D


    Hey guys so I picked up this thai silk from a LFS quite a while back. Was pretty sure it was a Male and still is but his private area is concerning me. I plan to breed him but I'm scared he won't be able. I have other flower horn and their private area look nothing like it. From the side it...
  5. HybridFinatic

    Best American cichlid pair/single male for 75 gallon?

    So currently I have 3 tanks. A 10g hospital tank, a 29, and a 40. As far as fish go I have several smaller south american grow outs and a 5 inch bichir in the 40 and a small flowerhorn growing out in the 29. Which I know for many on this site that is nothing. But Im almost 18 and a lot of...
  6. Rebekkah Higgins

    Jack Dempsey 1st spawn

    Male is farthest from the camera. He is a blue gene Jack Dempsey and the female is a regular (wild type) Jack Dempsey. They began spawning today. Excuse the dirty glass.