breeding killifish

  1. The Dave

    Incredible surgery on a fish egg using 2 sewing needles !!!

    SURGERY ON A FISH EGG ! ( a tale of aquatic morality ) Hello, everyone I recently had a Golden Wonder Killifish that hatched from its egg, but failed to completely break free of the egg membrane. Its head was still stuck inside the egg, while only the tail was free! I found the fry about 24...
  2. The Dave

    The Golden Wonder Killifish. How to breed, how to feed, and everything you need.

    Hello everyone, if you have never seen one of my videos before, then you are in for a real treat! In this particular high definition video, you will see incredible close-up footage of the beautiful Golden Wonder Killifish mating and laying their eggs. Then, the video takes you through the...
  3. J

    JSAS May 8, 2017 meeting with Joe Ferdenzi on Killifish

    Guest speaker Joe Ferdenzi gave a great presentation on "Killifish Demystified".