canister filter

  1. S

    advice needed for 390 gallon canister setup

    Hi fellow friends MFK. newbie here first time owner of large tank and prefer canisters over sump. Tank setup for 2 snakeheads. 7ft x 3 x 2.5 that is approximately 393 gallons or 1500 liters. Will 2 eheim xl canisters be enough for beneficial bacteria growth and full cycle ? One canister on each...
  2. cheeseb0y

    For Sale  Used Equipment: Eheim 2211 canister, Eheim Jager 100W, 30g? sponge filter.

    The Eheim 2211 canister is used but still works great. It comes with everything but media. It apparently sells for $75-90 new with media, so i'm asking $25. The EHEIM Jager 100W heater still works fine too. It apparently sells for $20-30 new so i'm asking $10. The sponge filter I think is rated...
  3. F

    I’m just finished with cascades I’m just finished.

    Every time I do a water change on my 180 I need to re prime my Cascade 1500 Canister. Every time I pray that it will prime the first time. 3 quarters of the time I spend hours trying to get the filter to start. Love and I mean love my Fluval FX6. Primes like a little baby. Any ideas of a good...
  4. amazontank

    For Trade  Eheim 2080 with media kits

    I have 4 of these filters brand new. Looking to trade for some l056Y pleocos. Jumbo black ghost knifes. Jumbo gulpers. Jumbo pond logs. Pick Up Miami!
  5. M

    For Sale  Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter, up to 250 US Gal (1000 L)

    This filter is AMAZING! I have only had it 2 weeks but I scored a deal on a 400 gallon tank and this will not be enough for me. Timing was never my strong suit - haha. But you can have a MINT perfect Fluval FX4 for much less than retail! This was plugged in to a (non planted, no fish, empty...
  6. KenisFishRoom

    Canister Filter Life Hacks.

    When doing a water change, (TURN OFF THE WATER SUPPLY AND UNPLUG FILTER) remove the hoses from the top of the filter by flipping the switch, and insert it into a bucket. once removed, stick the entire part in the bucket and unscrew the hose going back to the tank. water will come out at first...
  7. K

    Assassin snails in a canister filter

    Was wondering if it would be "kosher" to put assassin snails in a canister filter. I have a spotted congo with a uppity attitude. If I throw in a few snails for him and he deems them to small, he won't eat them. Now I have 2 canister filters littered with ramshorns, bladder snails and more...
  8. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Ideas for DIY canister filter

    I have a 125 gallon South American setup currently filtered by a fluval fx6 and a 80 gallon HOB filter. Looking to get rid of the HOB and do a DIY canister filter made out of a 5 gallon bucket, Anyone have any good tips, designs or ideas for this ? I was originally gonna purchase a fluval fx4...
  9. quasar

    Sun Sun 304B in 120g

    Hey everyone! So I have a 120g with a Gulper catfish and a Baby giant gourami. The tank is a fairly new setup (about 1.5 months). I'm running 2 Sun Sun 304B canister filters as my main filters. I was wondering if this would be a strong enough filtration for the gourami as an adult with the...
  10. K

    Noisy Canister Filter (Fluval FX4)

    I have a Fluval FX4 on my 125 gallon brackish tank. It makes a "vibrating" sound. Fixes?? More details: I have a "media bag" over the inlet to keep fry out of the filter (found 7 live fry at one of my filter cleanings). I do notice reduced flow if I don't clean the bag about every 2...
  11. BrokenTexan

    Fluval FX6 models

    I noticed some FX6s have two dials on top and some do not.The simply read IN Fluval OUT. Is there any differences ? Both come with the water change feature.. I originally thought that was it.
  12. pancakes

    FS | 55g & 75g Acrylic/Glass Tanks | I.E.| 92880

    Sup MFK! Got some extra tanks up for grabs. Tanks and stands will be emptied, cleaned, and wiped down before handoff. ====================== [Garage Acrylic tanks] ====================== 55g Clear for life w/o lids. Needs some polishing. Measures 48x13x20 (blue back and sides) (top left & right...
  13. amazontank

    Eheim Pro 4 350 next to tank

    I was wondering if anyone ran a canister filter directly next to a fish tank. My tank is 60"X18"X24" high... If I place the canister next to the tank will everything work perfect or does the canister need to be under the tank?
  14. amazontank

    Eheim Pro 4 350

    Can I run this canister filter directly next to a 26 gallon bowfront on the floor for a few weeks or will it sacrifice the Eheim pump?
  15. T

    new filtration

    I have a 200g tank in the way and still haven't decided on filtration. I have never had a tank this big and am not sure where to go. I am thinking about doing two canisters, but I have no clue about sumps. anyone wanna weigh in and shed some light and drop some tips??? Currently there will be...
  16. xDestro

    Siphon instead of overflow?

    I know the best setup is with a drilled tank and all that or you can buy those overflow boxes that pump the water up and out so you don't have to drill your tank but could you just use say an intake from a canister filter? And use the siphon it creates to fill the sump? Or in reality you could...
  17. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    DIY Filtration and media

    Whats your favorite DIY filter and media choice? I'm thinking of making a canister filter out of a 5 gallon pale and hook it up to my 125g for added filtration. I've seen a few different designs and ways to do it but curious to what you guys have came up with for DIY filtration and media ?
  18. N

    Sand or gravel

    Please help I just got back into the fish game after a 9 year hiatus I am setting up a 55 gallon tank tomorrow for 2 jaguar cichlids im stressed about sand or gravel now the guy I am getting the tank from had sand he's used for 3 years and I want sand personally instead of gravel. Also I and...
  19. N

    Methods to lower nitrate

    Hi, I'm looking into methods to lower nitrate in my 180 gallon freshwater. I don't have problems with nitrate, and do regular water changes, but I want the water to be as good as possible. I don't have a sump (just canister filters), so is there any way to use one of these bio denitrator...
  20. K

    Hand me down

    This is my first canister filter. A friend traded me my small fish tank for it, they are downsizing and I'm upgrading. My question is not the filter itself, but they had it in their garage for about 3-4 months. I replaced all the guts in it, however the hoses are gunked up, their fish tank was...