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  1. J

    Bowmouth Gutairfish in Freshwater?

    I found this video, and was very shocked. I was wondering if there was any validity to it, or if the fish had a death sentence? I've never even heard of anyone attempting to keep these guys in freshwater
  2. Josh's Fish

    The True Diet of African Arowana (Heterotis niloticus)

    Anyone that has kept African Arowana (H. niloticus), have been aware of the difficulty that comes with keeping them. Is it a filter feeder? Does it eat fish? Why do they keep dying prematurely? This article I wrote for Life: Nature Magazine aims to answer any troubles you might have with...
  3. vinnie coyle

    Introducing Flowerhorn to new Aquarium

    Hi All, Need a quick bit of advice. Do any one recommend adding salt to an aquarium while introducing a flowerhorn to his/her new home. I currently have around 600 ppt of Salt in my 68 Gallon tank, which was previously a African Cichlid Tank. I had an issue with an overly aggressive Kenyi...
  4. Deadliestviper7

    The care guide to sturgeon

    A thread for the care of sturgeon.
  5. Josh's Fish

    How to care for African Arowana

    Finally got round to finishing the video. I know some of you have struggled to keep young Afros alive, hopefully this video can help with any issues you might of faced :)