1. T

    Types of tile in aquarium.

    Hello. I am curious about which tile is safe for the aqaurium? I am looking at few different ones at Lowes;absolute black polished natural stone granite floor tile, natural stone pebble floor and wall tile(river rock), and glossy ceramic wale tile. Any other ideas are welcomed. I am doing a diy...
  2. N

    Want to Buy  Jumbo Pleco Caves/Hides

    Looking for truely Xl caves, hides, & cholla for the big guy- he’s at 14-15” and likes to hide completely. Moving from a gravel substrate tank to large river rock tank (so he won’t be able to dig down to hide anymore). Need to be reasonably priced, hoping to get a few. Thx!
  3. T

    Hide ideas for my new 400g

    Hey guys! So I just recently moved and set up my 400gallon tank in my new home. It’s 8 foot wide 2 foot 3 deep and 2 foot tall.. and succefully moved all my fish from the 120gal... I dropped a bichir but he’s fine :o . I transferred the canister with them and slowly acclimated them so the tank...
  4. Lady Sphinx

    Potters clay and pondshield

    I'm planing on doing some DIY cave decor for my fishtanks but I'm really unsure what material to use. I've been looking at polystyrene, fiberglass or potters clay. I like the potters clay idea but I really don't want to have it fired I was wondering if I could let it dry for a couple of weeks...
  5. Lady Sphinx

    Silicone curing time

    I made some caves with plastic cup/glasses that I heated formed and covered with silicone and then rolled in sand. I love the outcome but I have no idea how long I should wait before adding them to my Dwaf crawfish tank. I've already waited 24 hours
  6. Truetommy

    diy caves

    Im setting up a 100 gallon sa/ca cichlid tank, and have been thinking of how im going to lay it out. I got the idea to take small cuts of larger diameter pvc and pvc elbows and coating them with concrete to give them a natural cave look. Has anyone ever tried this? I also wasnt sure if all...