central filtration

  1. Grinch

    Plumbing 101

    My most recent fish rack build made me realize how much I don’t know about plumbing. I’m sure that there are others with much more knowledge than myself on this topic, but nevertheless I decided I would share what I’ve learned in the hope it makes someone’s life easier setting up their tank...
  2. BIG-G

    Drilling a ten gallon?

    I have drilled quite a few tanks so I got that part no problems there. I am thinking of putting together a fry rack with a central sump filter. I was going to use ten gallon tanks from Walmart, for me this is the cheapest option. Does anyone know if the tanks from walmart are tempered or not...
  3. Grinch

    Grinch and Bichir Girl's Fish Room

    Girlfriend and I moved from the Midwest to the East Coast about a year ago. Bichir-girl wanted to buy a house so we could just move in. So, while I worked and held down the fort in the Midwest, she and her mother found a house. We wanted to do a fish room in the new house, so having an...