1. kno4te

    Congrats to polyaddict86 and hybrid7 for winning June POTM!

    Congratulations to @Hybridfish7 and @Polyaddict86 for both winning June’s POTM. This was a close one. Till the very end. Thanks to all the members who participated. Starting tomorrow will be July TOTM.
  2. kno4te

    June 2021 - POTM Contest - Vote now!

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  3. kno4te

    Congratulations to peewee for winning April’s POTM!

    Congratulations to @peewee for winning the April 2021 POTM. Think lighting was the key for this win...just me. Had some great participants for this month. Let’s keep the enthusiasm going for TOTM starting tomorrow.
  4. kno4te

    Congratulations to Justin Holland for winning November POTM!

    Congrats to @Justin Holland. Epic pic and fish too. Looks like the umbee wants to share covid with its tankamtes, lol. Thanks to all the participants. Let’s keep the same enthusiasm for December’s TOTM.
  5. kno4te

    Submissions for July POTM 2020!

    Hello mfk. It’s time for POTM starting today. You can send those photos in today. The rules are the same as before. Link below for details and rules for POTM. Will stop accepting submissions on July 16. The voting will begin immediately after. Any changes and you’ll be notified. Email is below...
  6. kno4te

    Congrats to the May 2020 POTM winner, Leo Messi!

    Congratulations to @Leo Messi for winning May’s POTM. Great pic showing off those streamers. Thanks to all who participated. Starting today will be accepting submissions for TOTM. @Gourami Swami will be heading that. Look forward to see the pics!