1. Rayfishowner

    How to deal with Angelfish Aggression?

    Hey all, So recently i made the mistake of giving away one of my angelfish pairs to a friend and as a result of these 2 fish gone, there is a lot of aggression, torn fins and fighting. I originally had 10 angels in a 75 gallon and so the aggression was less on each fish, but with two dominant...
  2. Jacob6556

    Will this tank setup work? Opinions needed!!

    So this is a follow up from my last post for a great stocking idea for my new 60 gallon tank! My tank has two rock caves, a pot, and two pieces of drift wood. I also have a large filter under the tank and a power head to provide a good current in the water. So my stocking idea I got from my last...
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Black Nasty x Red Texas

    Does anyone else think Black Nasty x Red Texas is a good idea, personally if I were to line breed one I would probably try to get the black on the Black Nasty to turn red, specifically the type of Black Nasty that has a black face. I would probably go for Red eyes but eye color doesn't matter...
  4. Cichlids keeper

    Future of Red Texas

    Does anyone wonder what the future of Red Texas is. Every major hybrid such as Flowerhorns(Kamfa, Fader, Red Dragon, etc) and Blood parrots(Mammon, King Kong, etc) have progressed into strains so does anyone think that might happen with RT, and if so what they might look
  5. Jacob6556

    Jack Dempsey tank idea! Does this work??

    So I now have a 60 gallon tank, and ofcourse like all new tanks it’s empty. I was just wondering about what fish I should get. First I was think about just an Oscar but then I realized that one would just be to big and to much water cleaning required as the have a huge bioload. So I had an idea...
  6. Cichlids keeper

    What is a Rainbow King?

    I heard people mention "Rainbow Kings" before I understand that they are a hybrid and I think they have a lot of vieja in them but I don't know anything else. Does anyone know anything about them?
  7. Cichlids keeper

    Do Jaguar Cichlids get Nuchal humps?

    As I said above do Jags get Nuchal humps similar to Dovii?
  8. F

    For Sale  P/U for sale Male Red Texas $40 91335

    Hi I just picked up this guy yesterday , great fish that’s gonna look awesome when he’s done fading. I unfortunately can’t keep him, I was hoping he would play nice with tank mates. $40 PU in Reseda.
  9. Cichlids keeper

    Red Texas Female Short Body Gene?

    Would it be possible for me to breed my Red Texas in a way so that all the Females are shortbodies while the males have normal bodies?
  10. Cichlids keeper

    Rose Queen Cichlid color?

    Are Rose Queen Cichlids as pink/purple as they appear in pictures?
  11. Cichlids keeper

    Full grown Pure Red Devil Photos

    Wondering if anyone has pictures of a full grown Pure Red Devil?