clown knife

  1. MitchGlitch23

    For Sale  Albino Oscar + Clown Knife

    Hello everyone I'm looking to sell my 12 inch oscar and 5 or 6 inch clown knife. Let me know if you are interested both are on cichlid pellets I can provide a little bit of the pellets to get you started with food. Thanks
  2. Z

    Tank Size and Inhabitant Compatability Questions

    Hi there! Let’s assume that money is no object and any tank size is perfectly affordable (which it’s not lol) but let’s assume. Whenever I move houses I am hoping to get a substantially large tank as a dream freshwater aquarium. Tank first obviously, fish later. I am looking to get an Arowana...
  3. MitchGlitch23

    Feeding a clown knife

    Hello everyone, I got my clown knife on minnows, I've been dropping them in at night for him(while all the lights are off) what other foods do they take?
  4. J

    Injured clown knife fish

    So my 6” clown knife, Gonzo, got attacked by my Senegal bichir and is now missing a good chunk of his tail but he’s swimming fine, still has an appetite, but he lost some energy. Is his tail going to grow back? I attached a picture.
  5. A

    Want to Buy  Clown knife

    Looking for clown knife 6-8 inches
  6. PrinceFish

    For Sale  Short Body Golden Knife Fish

    I have a rare 8" SB golden clown knife for sale. He's fighting with my other SB knife so one must go. Pick up at 90024, Los Angeles Text Justin at: 8582529166
  7. Ashan Kavinda

    Albino Clown Knife

  8. G

    Changing Things Up

    I'm looking to change up my current set up and I'm looking to part with some of the larger guys that I have, I apologize in advance for the haze, the acrylic needs to be polished. 3 11" to 13" Wide Bar Emperor Blue Hook Silver Dollars - trio for $300 22" Albino Silver Arowana - $500 13" Wild...
  9. Candy_Land

    Fish behaviors

    The funny things my fish do...
  10. Ashan Kavinda

    Clown Knife

  11. kiwifisho

    Clown knife growth rate?

    Hi all, new to forum. Picking up a baby clown knife soon, bout 10cm. Plan is to feed him Hikari sinking carnivore pellets and occasional worms etc. His grow out tank is a 110L/30g which will be heavily planted, then a 250L/50g, and a 330L/90g. Plan is to build a 3600L/1000g plywood tank but if...
  12. spencer0t

    Pond stock

    i have build my own pond 5 foot deep it would be big enough if I wanted to put all of the stock in it but my question is the compatibility of the stock here’s my list so far 1 Indo pacific tarpon 1 African pike 1 Temensis peacock bass 1 clown knife 1 Florida gar And possibly a largemouth bass...
  13. spcichlids

    Big Tanks, Big Fish, and Big Rich - Touring Ohio Fish Rescue

    If you guys don't know about Big Rich and his fishroom you are in for a treat.
  14. M

    Framed Pool for Clown Knife

    Hey everyone, i have a 19" clown knife in a 150 gallon tall aquarium that ive been trying to find something bigger for. i was looking on amazon and found a small framed pool thats dimensions are 5 feet in diameter and 15" high. the water volume is 150 gallons. but considering the footprint, do...
  15. AG458

    CK scraping on the ground?

    My CK, who I've had for around a month, has survived all of the water changes that occur during the first week of a new tank setup. Recently, he has started scraping his side on the ground. And before that, he developed a small bump on his left side. The fish store I bought him from told me that...
  16. S

    Help! Clown Knife not eating!!

    Help! My 13" Clown Knife is not eating the pellets he has been raised on. What should I do? Do I buy another brand of food? I'm at a loss here. He is housed with an Oscar, Parrot, Red Devil, Eclipse Catfish, and a Turquoise Severum.
  17. A-Train


    Hey everyone I've had clown knives before and I've owned several other monster fish not something that is odd and has me worried is I just added a Jardini arowana ( 4-5 inches ) to my 220 gallon tank with my Golden clown knife ( 10 inches ) and I noticed today my clown knife was being overly...
  18. spencer0t

    Clown knife

    I just purchased a clown knife what should I feed him he's about 4 inches
  19. F

    WTB - Any fish for 180 Gallon tank with Preds - PU Columbus

    Looking for some fish to put into my 180. I currently have 4 wolfish in there and a large Datnoid. Everything in there sits still and they stay closer to the bottom so i would like some moving fish to put in here. Shoot me everything you got. Even if it can't go in here i have other tanks so...
  20. Fishpony

    Severum freaking out

    Hello, I have a old severum, got him from a lps when he was 3 inches and had him for over 5 years. He was raised in a bare bottom aquarium and has a little bit of a eye droop. So today i decided to add some gravel so he can dig a pit, and now he is freaking out over the gravel. He is just...