1. W


    my crayfish is preagnant... I have removed the name I can see the babies eyes so how many more days should I expect till the showdown??And what precautions should I take?? Plz help and support
  2. HybridFinatic

    my new petco flowerhorn growth progress thread

    This is him a couple weeks after I got him. he is showing awesome personality just like most flowerhorn and great color. I think he is an SRD. Please let me know if you think different. I will update his growth over the next few months on this thread. Feel free to post your Petco/Petsmart...
  3. HybridFinatic

    Flowerhorn stomach cramp?!?

    a couple weeks ago I got this fh from petco and seems to have a lot of potential and all and I take great care of it but something on its left side of it’s stomach is bothering me and I wondering if you all knew anything about it. In this picture you can see in indent in its stomach or tightness...
  4. P

    Look at my beautiful Common

    I just thought he looks fascinating with his fins up! What do you guys think? Hes 13 years old and still loves swimming around!