1. M

    For Sale  Coral life 1hp chiller

    Coralife 1 horsepower chiller. Good for up to 400 gallon tank. In good working condition. Asking $750
  2. PGJE

    I'm a newbie and need every little bit of advice on how to add coral to a tank as I can!

    I'm going to be starting up a small 10 gallon reef tank soon (my first time dealing with salt water), and I have a few questions about adding coral that I couldn't seem to get from googling. Heres a list: 1. I'm going to be buying frags at my LFS with the plugs on the bottom, do you need to...
  3. mattybecks

    Another hitchhiker

    This is something no one has been able to ID yet. It is not a montipora coral. It seems to be doing well, its almost been 3 weeks now and it seems to be spreading to the other side (darker side) of the rock. My lighting is 2 x 12 watt LED bulbs. Mostly white light, with some blue LEDs spaced...
  4. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  Anyone interested in some zoanthid frags?

    I know this isn’t really a saltwater/ reef oriented forum but I have some zoanthid frags for sale if anyone if interested ? Pictures and prices below: 7 POLYPS FRUIT LOOPS ZOA 20+ POLYPS! RASTA ZOA 5 POLYPS UTTER CHAOS ZOA 12 POLYPS PURPLE MONSTER ZOA
  5. mattybecks

    Deep sea corals

    Just watched this on EVnautilus (one of my favorite youtube channels) on deep sea corals, wondering if it would ever be possible to keep these in an aquarium..... I think it was this video where one of them were over 2000 years old. Very slow growing...
  6. mattybecks

    Coral gardening in the South Pacific

    Just an interesting short film on re-growing corals
  7. Dennis Kraemer

    20g long hoping to start a coral tank!

    Have a light I bought used for soft corals 20lbs live sand Established cleaner crew Penn plax 1000 canister filter Need budget coral and fish stocking ideas! Thanks!
  8. K

    Help! Coral Positioning

    I re-started my salt tank to prevent disease and pests. I cured my rock and let my tank cycle. It is a 90 gallon. I use Hanna Checkers and API Master Reef testing kit and test everyday. For the past week these were my readings. Salinity 31-32, Ammonia 0-0.25, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 25, Calcium 520...
  9. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Anyone here in NH or northern Mass ?

    I'm now offering aquarium maintenance and cleaning, Anyone here interested or know anyone that may be?
  10. A

    Final Day - - Corals 50% Off - Ends at 23:59 PST 12.7.2018

    Final Day - - Corals 50% Off - Ends at 23:59 PST 12.7.2018 Check out all of these corals for 50% Off - Right here: Also - Our newest Video of our little yellow sponge crab
  11. A

    All Corals - 50% Off At AquariumDepot - Over 2000 Corals ready to be re-homed

    Check out the Awesome selection of Corals At that are available for 50% Off Ricordea, Acans, Acros, Zoanthids and Much Much More
  12. PGJE

    Does this look good??

    I think one of my favorite things in the entire ocean is a kelp forest, and I finally found some incredibly realistic rubber kelp at my LFS. I also kind of want coral, so i was thinking a mixture? have kelp surrounding a small reef? The stocking is not going to match that of kelp of course...
  13. Dennis Kraemer

    Saltwater Setup

    working on transferring my 20 long to a reef tank I have a guess on what I want but I am a total noob so I will take all the help I can get 2 Clowns -1 Royal Gramma Basslet -1 Red Firefish Goby -1 Cleaner Shrimp I want corals and I am buying a light 2nd hand can you tell me if it is good? I got...
  14. Narwhal

    Shelf for coral to grow

    I am helping a friend set up a Reef Tank, and I was wondering if their is something that looks natural (no lighting diffusers) that makes a nice flat, or flattish shelf to attach corals to. I was thinking either a flat natural rock like slate (although probably some kind of limestone or volcanic...
  15. T

    Ricordea has two mouths.

    So I got a pair of Ricordea florida and one of the two polyps has an extra mouth. Could I frag it? And would it be easier to frag with the extra mouth already there?
  16. S

    ID this Star Polyp

    Hey guys. I snagged this white starburst the other day and I was wondering if anyone new exactly what it was, or if it had a common name. Note that the tips are actually green, my phone camera simply doesn't do well with the aquarium light. My fighting conch is tasting the thread I used to...