crested goby

  1. vitaly

    Feed Spiny Lobster and Toadfish

    It's feeding time for Spiky, the caribbean spiny lobster, and other resident of the Anne Kolb Center. Spiky is a 7 year old male lobster (Panulirus argus). Unlike regular lobster, spiny lobsters lack claws. Instead, they have two long antennae, covered in spikes. When disturbed or harassed...
  2. vitaly

    Oyster Reef Gobies

    The South Florida Oyster reef is home to at least two goby species: crested goby (Rhinogobiops nicholsii), and naked goby (Gobiosoma bosc). These two amazing fish are very friendly and Inquisitive. They came up two me every time I have approached their oyster home. Two of them even followed...
  3. vitaly

    The Amazing Oyster Reef and Blue Crab

    I took a dive in the middle of an oyster reef in South Florida. So much life. Simply amazing. Watch this blue crab chew his food, while the curious gobies come over to inspect the situation. The salinity is 1.016. The animals here are: the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus), crested goby...
  4. vitaly

    75g complete set up with cool fish in South Florida

    hey guys, i am moving back to europe again. so selling my 75 gallon. pices is $300 firm. The fish tank is in Hollywood, Florida give me a call: 513-401-3693 This tank comes with: double iron stand eheime classic canister filter 2 emperor filters (brand new still in a box) two lights heater...
  5. vitaly

    guys check out my nerite collection trip in florida

    Got a bunch of olive nerites out local canal here in South Florida. Plus a bunch of cool gobies. Everyone doing great in my fresh water 75g