1. A

    Best Substrate Color to bring out color contrast in Curupira

    What substrate color best brings out the color contrast (light grey-white top -> middle lateral black bar -> dark bottom color) of the black wolf fish (curupira)? I think a black substrate makes the whole fish black which is what I'm trying to avoid.
  2. N

    Where to get wolf fish?

    I can't find any right now. Looking for aimara or curupira preferably 6-8". Text me at 310-801-3108 if you know a place. Thanks - Nick
  3. moe214

    Interesting behavior

    Just wanted to share some cool behavior my curu has been doing the last couple days, and wonder if anyone else ever noticed something similar. So my ornate bichir hides a lot, if you look at my old thread the two were practically inseparable and were always together, now whenever my bichir is...