1. Crystal Clear14

    For Sale  220gal/ BASS/dat/black diamond ray

    10” pure black diamond male -1k 14” Xingu bass-200.00 8” kelberi SB bass- 175.00 6” mono SB bass-125.00 6” 3 Bar dat-200.00 take all fish for 1300.00 Or whole setup for- 2k cash money!!! 220 gal 6 months old Solid wood stand and canopy Fx5 and a fx6 72 “ Beamswork led 3 months old eEheim...
  2. V

    ST reproduction

    Good night / day / afternoon to the whole community. I would like to know if there is or is any information regarding ST reproduction.
  3. R

    Baby Dats

    This was about a week ago, last time I fed them blood worms. I have been trying to get them on pellets but so far only the two small Indos have accepted them smh. I’ve notice that they’re growing pretty fast since they started eating pellets, they used to be the smallest in the tank and now...
  4. Natural Cyborg

    Silver datnoids 4-6 inches

    Freshwater silver datnoids for sale 3 are available when though meds and are eating frozen shrimp and talpia very active there are putting on some size at 5+ inches $150 a piece or all three for $225 Pick up only Cleveland Ohio Dm for serious inquires
  5. MorningStar

    My Update!!!

    Hey everyone, It's been a long minute. Thought I post up a quick video. Enjoy!
  6. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Tankmate suggestions 300gallon?

    I have a 250 gallon with the following X2 ocelarris peacock bass 3inch X1 mala wolffish 4 inch X1 marbled sleeper goby 4 inch X1 indo tigerfish 2 inch X1 tyre track eel 6 inch Wondering what other oddballs I can add after something in the upper levels and middle levels or something badass
  7. MorningStar

    Move to the 55 gal

    Overstocked but here is an update. I transferred all the bass into my 55 gal last night. The Kel at the end has some dark spots all over him. Looks ugly but hopefully it trades those for some gold. Good thing about transferring these guys is that the Dat seems more lively as well as the SD's...
  8. S

    Datanoid issue?

    Hello I'm after some help with one of my dats brought two of them at the same time very small to grow on for my predator tank. One is eating everything i feed to him the other one doesn't seem interested in any food and has something strange on its sides any ideas on what could be wrong with...