1. vitaly

    My cool gobies )))

    My large toad goby or knout goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus). Check out the three trap door snails in the background ))) Monkey Goby or Sand Goby ( Neogobius fluviatilis) Monkey Goby Vs Toad Goby )) Monkey Goby Toad Goby and Monkey Goby hanging out together...
  2. vitaly

    Toad Goby Pics

    My first two fish for the Dniester Biotope aquarium. Two toad gobies or Mesogobius batrachocephalus.
  3. vitaly

    Freshwater Sponges: check it out

    I went to collect some gobies for my Dniester Biotope project and guess what I found? A real life freshwater sponge or Spongilla fluviatilis. I have heard of freshwater sponges, but until now, I have never seen one. This is what I have noticed on a pieces of wood. At first, I thought that...
  4. vitaly

    Catching Cobitis elongata (spotted weather loach)

    Here is another interesting fish we caught on Dniester River, a Spined Loach (also known as Spotted Weather Loach or Dojo Loach). I wasn't sure on scientific name. At first, I thought that it is Cobitis taenia. But now I think that it is Cobitis elongata. These guys get confused with other...