1. Grinch

    Plumbing 101

    My most recent fish rack build made me realize how much I don’t know about plumbing. I’m sure that there are others with much more knowledge than myself on this topic, but nevertheless I decided I would share what I’ve learned in the hope it makes someone’s life easier setting up their tank...
  2. james t

    Please help Plumbing a 350 gallon tank

    Can i have some advice on what size drain pipe and return line to equal a turn over of 8x a hour for a 350 gallon please? Any recommendations on pumps will also be appreciated looking at a flow rate of approximately 2800gph.
  3. T

    bottom drain

    I am trying to retrofit a "dome" or a cover on top of an existing bottom drain. The current one as I can see at the bottom of my concrete pond is a 12" square opening with grate, which eventually connected to a 2" pipe. Pond came with the house so I don't have details on design. I am thinking...